Your Unforgettable Trip to Thailand

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Thailand, a beautiful East-Asian country, has an abundance of tourist attractions in all its corners, and offers the visitors an unforgettable vacation experience. However, a visit to Bangkok and together with a short trip to Pattaya and its magnificent beaches is definitely a good start to experience ‘The Land of Smiles’.

 “The travel is a kind of door through which you go out of reality as to penetrate in another unexplored reality that seems a dream”. This beautifully written quote by French poet Guy De Moupassant, can be felt by you while getting around the Thai country – one of the most popular tour destinations across the globe. Thailand has got everything that a vacationer may need. A tacit country representing the bona fide essence of a sanctified domain, mystic and realistic at the same time; trip to Thailand enriching our lives with ineluctable pleasure and memories of lifetime. In short, this Shout-East Asian country has become the delegacy of past & present, Shadows & light, all together in one place

Where to Go?

Thailand tour packages most likely include visit to the capital city Bangkok, and a magnetizing trip to all other fascinating regions of the country – All have international famous reputation. Once you’re already in Thailand, it’s almost impossible to avoid the visit to electrifying city Bangkok. That city literally never stops and has so many activities and to offer day and night

Though the city is famous for its vibrant nightlife and gleeful Thai massage, it has a perfect setting of tourist attractions of all nature – historical landmarks, contemporary architectures, world class shopping and alluring greenery. Popular attractions of Bangkok city include The Grand Royal Palace, Wat Pho, Golden Mount, The Temple of Emerald Buddha and Victory Monuments.

Near Bangkok Beaches

If you’re crazy about beach parties and astonishing nightlife, a short trip to Pattaya is a perfect choice for you. This place is very sheltered and extolled by the natural harbor. Beautiful golden sand, blue sea, and clear sky, it serves as a melting pot of natural bounty. Pattaya beaches attract a huge crowd of surfers and sunbathers every year. However, other sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and boat-racing can also be enjoyed during your stay on one of the beaches. Midnight beach parties and beautiful bar girls are now a part of Thai culture, and can easily be found in most of the bars. After a few drinks of your favorite cocktail, you can have fun and crazy night experience. One thing should be said. Though natural beauty and water sports are the main activity and can be enjoyed by all, those beaches are not so recommended for children and families. But if you’re planning holidays with your friends or partner, nothing is fancier and more enjoyable than a tour through the land of smiles and it’s beautiful beaches.

There are some other delights for your trip to Thailand while on your way to Pattaya. You can move to the Nong-Nooch Tropical garden to immerse yourself with Thai cultures, and take part in the amazing Elephant Theme Show.
Additionally, visit to Samut Prakarn’s ‘Crocodile Farm & Zoo’ can give you an experience of lifetime

What to Eat?

Thailand is a paradise for food lovers. With hundreds of different dishes and so many unusual flavors from the Asian kitchen, can’t really be counted in this article. Mouthwatering fresh seafood and delicious local dishes will give you a great taste of food, unmatched to anywhere else. It would be good to have an open-minded state of mind once you try Thai food. Things one used to eat back at home mat get different flavors when traveling in Thailand.

If you love shopping during your vacation, Thailand has it all for you. There are several shopping malls and local markets to offer you each and everything in accordance to your interest. Also, Thailand boasts quality accommodation to the travelers. Whether you are in Bangkok or on a tour to Pattaya, you can find a lodging facility to match your requirements. However, you can approach a reputable tour company to get a full package for Thailand tour that includes air-fares, lodging facilities, transportation, and other tour relayed services