Inspirational Friendship Quotes That Must Share With Friend (My Wishes Club)

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If you are one of those lucky persons who have a Good Friend to call them very own. If you have a friend like this then you definitely consider yourself lucky. As like having a good friend gives you a motivation. To a feel your friend special wishes him or her with Happy Friendship Day Wishes. It realizes you that friendship is one of the best relations in world. You friend gives you a reason to be smile and enjoy the time. True friends stand with you in every kind of circumstances. 

It has taught me to see light in much different condition. Friendship of a good friend helped me to create memories out of the many ordinary moments in life. Happy friendship day images also enabled me to survive many trying moments and given me the strength to face the world again even when my hopes had hung low on a thin thread.

Inspiring Friendship Quotes

I remember going to school and looking forward to share my little thoughts with a dear friend on friendship day. And even recesses weren’t quite enough to let it all out. We studied and played together for good result we get motivation from motivational quotes for student. We would chatter and laugh over our little talks till the bell rang and we would rush back to our benches. We are looking for chances to whisper Inspirational Quotes about Life our little ideas. And when the last school bell rang, we would walk home talking our talks still. The world could seem such a lovely place in the presence of a lovely friend.

Then when High school was about getting over, I felt the pinch of parting with the friends I’ve made over the years and even though we knew we’d have to follow different roads then, we still wished we could get into the same college and pursue our studies if only to keep our friendship safe with friendship day wishes. Somehow, some of the best years seemed to have been spent on high school. But when all memories have turned golden and time and space have conquered age, it was time we moved on, nearer and closer to the future.

However, when things were changing in a rapid pace-modernization replacing old ways of living, education growing in leaps and bounds, technology replacing old means of doing things, you know fashion and gadgets turning the themes of the day and all things have gone from old to new every passing day, we are still human enough to need a companion to share and to give, to support and to encourage, to listen and to watch, to dream together and to laugh, to give a smile when the other needs one, to offer a hug and a hand when life turns and twists. We still know that deep inside, we are lonely souls in need of friends to bring out the best in us.

The amazing thing about Friendship is that time deepens it. It gets better the older it gets. Sometimes friendship is the only reason why we can hold on and hang on. Sometimes it’s the only reason why we can say yes to a little more living, to a little more inspiration, to a little more memories, friendship is why we find delight in being part of many social activities. It is also how we look forward to more gatherings. It is why we have so many sweet memories created out of life.

Best Friendship Day Sayings

Friendship is among the Finest Things in Life. You can’t trade it, you can’t buy it, you can’t forgo it, you can’t do without it, you can’t quite smile as many without a friend, you can’t walk the distance or the miles you have already covered if you had never had another to call a friend, you can’t shine in the dark or quite enjoy the rain if you haven’t tasted the sweetness of the gift that is most precious, the one and only reason we are made to share.

It sure is the time we remember them who have in one way or the other given us hope and reason to go on, to once again recall the friends who have always meant something special to us and to thank God for the gift of Friendship. As for me, I’ll always treasure them who have lifted my spirits in more ways than one. Cheers to the Friendship that has seen us through many waves and good times. God knows, I love this miracle of sharing, of being there for each other, of laughter and smiles, of tears and many victories. Happy Friendship to all who treasure a Friend.

But i love every moment spend with my friends. I love the lovely times i can count on, even the ugliest of situations. They make me a better person. With dreams in my pocket, seeing them taking buds am goanna do all I can let them take their flight. Someday i hope to see them flowered and be happy enough that for once i did something worth celebrating. And that’s goanna be Life. I’m celebrating every moment of it.