Why Should Startups Focus On Getting iOS Application Development Services Over Android?

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Before getting an app made, any business owner finds itself at the cross-ends of having to decide which platform to choose between Android and iOS. While most go with the hybrid approach and get both made, some cannot compromise and want a native app with a specific platform. While both are major market shareholders globally, the choice is often difficult.

Here’s a breakdown for you to understand why getting iOS app development services is a better idea.

iOS App Development

iOS app development is specific to Apple devices like the iPad and iPhones. While Android may have a higher global market share, iOS application development services are in demand in more developed countries. The target audience for Apple products is ready to spend more and contribute almost equally if not more to the revenues compared to Android.

The language used for iOS app development is either Swift or Objective-C. The tools which are most commonly used for delivering iOS application development services are as follows:

iOS SDK: The software development kit for iOS is integrated with the Cocoa Touch UI framework providing graphical elements, UI controls, etc.

Xcode: This is the official IDE, an integrated development environment for iOS app development.

Test Flight: An online service that allows app testing and collection of valuable feedback before the release.

Advantages choosing of iOS application development services

Higher Revenue: 

The demographics don’t lie. One of the important reasons why people lean more towards iOS app development is because most Apple fans belong to well-developed, affluent countries who even with a smaller number are contributing equally if not more to create high revenues. The brand trust and loyalty when it comes to Apple is undeniable and people seldom switch. They are eager to spend more on new updated versions and are more interested to try innovative and experimental technology.

Revenue Model:

Apple’s revenue model inherently focuses on more paid features and paid apps which becomes a reason for another revenue-generating stream. So from the development perspective, rendering iOS application development services is also a more lucrative option.


Apple has a stronghold on the hardware system too which means that iOS devices and release cycles are in sync with the latest versions of iOS which reduces the number of fragmentation issues faced by developers compared to Android. They do not have to think about various devices, screen sizes, and resolutions but instead focus only on what Apple products require.

Better User Experiences: 

Apple has given a lot of emphasis on improving the user experience by leveraging the latest technologies. Whether its devices, operating systems, or marketplace service, user experience is the core of everything which attracts not only more users but also developers.

Standard User Interface Design: 

Apple has a standard UI design that has to be followed by all developers for all devices. This standardized design has a minimalistic approach and is tried and tested to improve UX. Using a standardized UI design layout saves developer’s time immensely and lesser effort is required on the product.

Better App Marketplace:

The iOS ecosystem provides a better and more secure marketplace with quality controls, guidelines, and monetization models that benefit everybody. Compared to iOS the Android marketplace is like a nightmare. iOS apps are more secure and less prone to being hacked or getting other malicious attacks.

The overall app design, programming, marketing rules, and deployment methods are firmer and of better quality which allows valuable content to thrive and bring higher returns.

Development Cost: 

Contrary to the popular misconception, the development cost of Android is more than iOS application development services because the Android operating system has to tag along with many screen sizes. This automatically increases the overall development time which subsequently increases the cost too. With fewer app screens to develop for in iOS OS, it takes less time and lesser cost speeding up the overall development process. However, this does not include the annual fee for the App Store.


iOS testing environment, TestFlight is a much faster emulator than Android. This isn’t to say that the Android emulator is not good, however, when it comes to speed, iOS debugging emulator is a step ahead.

Better Engagement:

Even though iOS may have a smaller market share it promises better engagement. Fewer users should engage more frequently with the app than having lots of users who seldom engage. And more engagement directly improves the revenue generation.

Here’s a clear comparison of revenue generation from the last two years and it is only expected to rise more. Moreover, a less complication development process brings the overall time and cost of development to a favorable extent.

Having said that, once you feel you are established enough in this market segment you can always expand to tap the Android users.

Disadvantages of iOS app development services:


A slight downside can be the cost of IDE like Xcode which is only used for Macs. It reflects highly in initial cost but in the long run, pays off with higher revenues.

Restrictive Publishing:

The standard of Apple App Store is high, which means that you can’t just get away with a mediocre app. If you do not match the criteria set by Apple then you won’t get allowed to be published on the App Store.

Little to No Customization: 

The concept of personalization barely exists in iOS development. This is to maintain a certain standard and uniformity in the quality but it can also mean that you cannot play around or be exceptionally creative with it comes to your iOS app development.

So, this is all that you need to know about iOS app development before availing iOS application development services. It gives a good head start by flowing the revenue stream before you delve into other market segments like Android.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, they are guaranteed to have higher revenue generation even if fewer people are using it owing to better engagement. If you are interested to get iOS application development services, the maestros at Origami Studios can be of help. Reach out!