How to Remove Vertical Blinds

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How to remove vertical blinds can be quite straightforward. In the past, people were required to do the job manually. That is not necessary anymore for roller blinds, too, and we have come up with a simple way of removing the blinds so that we can get in and out of our rooms with ease.

You will need to pull the cord out of the lock

What will we remove to change our window treatments? There are two main parts of vertical blinds; the fabric cover and the unit itself. The fabric cover is permanently attached to the frame of the blind. To change the fabric cover, you will need to pull the cord out of the lock.

You need to detach the slats of the vertical blinds

You need to disconnect the unit from the blinds, pull off the panels, and expose the spring. Now, you need to detach the vertical blind’s slats. For this, you will need to unscrew each slat. You will find that the older models don’t have this function, but most new ones do. If you find yourself stuck on how to remove vertical Roller Blinds, don’t worry – there are guides for you.

The frame of the vertical blinds

After the slats are removed, you will find that the vertical blinds’ framework has been stripped away. Do not get discouraged by this, because it’s pretty easy. The metal frame will be exposed. You just have to reconnect the laths now, and the door and the blind will be attached to the frame once again.

Be careful in the process

Most of the blinds have a rubberized membrane on them. These membranes can easily be removed from the frame and replaced with new ones. Doing this can be a bit tricky and will require you to be careful in the process.

Top of the window frame

First, you will need to remove the springs holding the frames in place. To do this, you will need to reach down under the top of the blind and underneath the feet. On newer styles, this part is under the feet, and it is under the top of the window frame on older styles.

Next, on the base of the photo, you’re gently prying. This part isn’t going to be easy to do, and you will probably need help from someone else. I can assure you that the effort will be worth it.

It should look like a cardboard box

Once the frame is pried up, you will need to slide it off. Once you have it free of the frames, it should look like a cardboard box. If the pieces aren’t straight, don’t worry; this can be easily fixed.

How to change the blinds

If you are replacing your old blinds with a new one, you should read the manual carefully. You will find several types of options to make this job more manageable. It is common for a manual to have a diagram or tabbed table to show you how to change the blinds.

There are many different colors available. It is up to you which color you choose. Each shade of the color will usually have a corresponding guide to help you put the right color into the blind’s frame.

Take a trip to my local home improvement store

Some shades can be painted with an aluminum-based paint, and some can paint with a wood veneer. The type of paint that you want to use must be specified. You can purchase these paint options online, but I prefer to take a trip to my local home improvement store.


The individuals at the store will be able to provide you with the correct instructions about vertical blinds or roller blinds Dubai, and they will also be able to recommend the right product to use. Be aware that time is needed that it takes to get the job done is dependent on how much skill you have and the experience level of the person doing the job. I believe you will be happy with the results.