Study ACCA Online Courses – Digital Learning

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In times like today when the whole world is under lockdown, it sure feels that technology is the only savior of mankind. And if you minus the dramatics from the statement, it truly has been a savior when you look at how technology has continued to help everyone survive the never-ending lockdowns. 

So when we talk about learning, how could that be too far from this phenomenon? If you look at all the latest unicorns, especially in India, they’re trying to build on the success of online learning. A prime example is BYJU’s that has in less than a decade become a unicorn, and an example for many who thought education can never be TOO big a business. Well, try saying that to the founder of BYJU, founder of several billion-dollar companies. 

Over the years almost all the colleges, universities, courses have tried to offer their content online and with the COVID, it has become all the more relevant today. Let’s look at one of the largest accounting bodies in the world, ACCA. They are pioneers when it comes to adopting technology and that too on a global scale. They have already made all their examinations online by using all the latest technologies in place. And to that effect, the providers of tuitions are not far from adopting such tech themselves. 

If we look at Financial Planning Academy, they were one of the first in Mumbai to move all their batches to online when the COVID broke havoc in the city. With the digital learning, the students were able to use their time most aptly and make productive use of all the downtime. Not to forget, while studying ACCA online, the students didn’t feel any difference a lot of positive response has so far been shared with the institute. 

Therefore we all must accept that digital learning is the only way forward. One of the professors at FPA, Zaheer Sayed, and ACCA quite nicely puts “Change is permanent which everyone knows; digital learning is one way to make that nice and easy”. So to summarise, the digital courses are here to stay, especially if you’re planning to study ACCA online do have a look at Financial Planning Academy. Keep learning!