The Process of Dump truck inspection checklist

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The used dump truck pre-trip inspection checklist includes various parts and accessories including the fuel-efficient, engine capacity, body parts conditions, and others that are required to be inspected properly beforehand. For a new dump truck, there is a bit of relief as it comes with the warranty and assurance that all parts are properly functioning and not used before.

Dump Truck Daily Inspection Checklist

Below we have come up with the detailed truck inspection checklist for dump truck parts, equipment, and accessories which should be checked and maintained properly.

Oil Level

Check out the oil level in the engine compartment and ensure that it’s between add and full

– Coolant Level

Check out if the engine has an adequate volume of coolant required for operations

– Power Steering

The power steering level should be maintained between add and full. Also, make sure to check if the gear power is working properly and not leaking any fluid

– Water Pump

Check if the water pump is securely mounted and is not leaking. Also, see if the bolts are tight, the belt isn’t cracked or frayed. Also, the tension should be maintained between ½” and ¾”

–  Air Compressor

Check is the air compressor is bolted rightly and is not leaking. Also, check if it is working properly and that there isn’t any crack or fray. The tension to be maintained is between ½” and ¾”

– Leaks

Check out below the vehicle for any oil puddles, or motor leaks

– Hoses

Here, you need to check for the cuts and splits. Also, ensure that there are no leaking hoses on both sides of the engine.

– Steering Box

Check for any leakages. Also, check if the bolts are tight.

– Steering Box Hoses

Make sure that the steering box hoses are not leaking. Inspect for any cuts, pinches, cracks, or broken areas.

–  Steering Linkage

Make sure that there are no cracks or bents in the steering linkage. 

Also, check the sockets to see they aren’t worn or loose. The linkages must be inspected from steering box to wheel.

– Springs

Check out the alignment of the springs and that they are not shifted from the position. Also, identify any broken springs.

– Brake Hose

Make sure that the brake hose isn’t leaking, swollen or cut

– Brake Hose Fittings

Make sure that the brake host fittings are not leaking, bent or broken

– Brake Chamber

Make sure that the bolts of the brake chamber are tight and securely mounted. There should be any dent or rust in the chamber.

– Brake Drum

Make sure that there are no signs of grease or oil on the brake drum. Also, inspect the drums for any dents or holes.

– Brake Linings

Ensure that there are no chipped pads of leaking grease or oils

– Tire

The tires should be 4/32” tread depth. It is important to check for any cuts. Make sure the tire doesn’t have flat spots on the top. Also, check the pressure of the tires using the standard gauge.

– Rim

There should be no rust or cracks on the rim, also the rims shouldn’t be wielded

– Door

Check is the bolts are tight and the hinges are secure. Also, ensure that the seals of the doors are sealed and that the doors opens and closes properly.

– Mirror

The mirrors need to be clean, securely mounted, and shouldn’t be broken (cracks, hairline cracks).

– Fuel Tank

Check is the cap is tight enough to seal. Also, ensure there is no leaking from the tank or cap and that the straps are secure.

– Exhaust System

The exhaust system should be securely mounded with all the clamps tightly in position. There shouldn’t be any signs of soot (leakage).

– Windshield

The windshield shouldn’t have any cracks or chips. It should be clean and secured with no leakages.

– Mirrors

The mirrors should be clean with no stickers and adjusted properly.

– Wipers

The wipers should be properly functioning with no cracks on the rubber clades and complete contact with the windshield. The washer fluid should be operable properly.

– Lighting Indicators

Ensure the functioning of the indicator arrows, as well as, high/low beam.