Top 10 must-visit food trucks in America in 2020

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We get excited by a lot of things in our life. That thing can be anything either any luxury, comfort or necessity. The most common thing about which people get excited about is food. Food is a major source of happiness for people. Many people have an emotional dependency on food. People who get excited about food not only mean their homemade food. They always want to try a dish that has just been introduced or have to go to a restaurant that has just been opened.

There are a lot of countries offering different kinds of food specialties in restaurants. But have you ever heard about a food truck? A food truck is a vehicle where food is cooked and sold. It is decorated according to the kind of food being offered there. Food trucks are always better than a cart or a restaurant as you can take this setup anywhere as food trucks are mobile like for example if there is a hot dog cart in a region in New York, it’s the whole setup cannot be moved to any other place in the city. Sometimes mobile kitchens known as food trucks offer better food rather than large setups. 

Among all the countries that have the best food trucks, America is the major one. Planning to visit America in 2020? We are here to tell you about the best and must visit food trucks in America. I am sure these food trucks would be the best source to satisfy your cravings.

The Halal Guys:

In a western country, the most difficult thing to find is halal food that too with the kind of taste you want. The halal guys are a famous food truck that offers halal food in New York. Things they are famous for the offering are.
• Gyro meat
• Chicken sandwiches
• Falafel
• Rice
• Hummus

Oink & Moo BBQ:

This food truck is located in New Jersey. The unique fact about it is that the founder of oink and moo bbq traveled to different regions and the food that this food truck offers has a taste that can satisfy the cravings of people from every region. They have taken BBQ to the next level. From tacos to a quesadilla, everything has a unique flavor of BBQ. It also serves sliders with oink and moo’s signature BBQ sauce. So, BBQ lovers where are you at?

Carnivale Donut Bar:

Carnivale Donut bar has taken dessert to a new level by making dessert extraordinarily, satisfying the sweet cravings of people and fascinating them with the taste and presentation. It is located in New York City and is a very famous one here. Hold your cravings while reading the desserts that it offers below.

• Over the top shake:
You will get drooled after having theirs Over The Top shakes which is a combo of shake, ice cream, and donuts. Not a fan of shakes? No problem, enjoy the ice cream and donuts topped over the glass.
• Mini Donuts:
These are very tasty and easily handled while eating. It is topped with a special topping and a sauce after being coated. Also, it has a very delicious whipped cream on it.
• Ice cream Donut sandwiches:
What else can be better than a donut sandwich filled with ice cream and topped with sauces and whipped cream?

Satisfy your donut cravings and have the sugary heaven being offered here.

Basil Thyme:

Living in Washington Dc and craving for the best lasagna? Visit the food truck of basil thyme which offers lasagnas that are great in flavor. They also offer sauces, handmade pasta, sausage, and ricotta. The food truck industry has gone to the next level after basil thyme entered the food truck in it. You will look forward to coming here again and again.

Purple People Eatery:

Located in Miami and offers gourmet food. It started from nowhere and now is very popular in Miami. Truck distinguishes itself because of the purple color. The gourmet food found here cannot be found anywhere else. It offers freaky steaky food that includes.

• Chicken tender sub
• Philly fries
• Philly cheesesteak
• Loaded tator tots

Health station:

In a world where you are offered unhealthy or say junk foods. Enjoy the best healthy and nutrition-rich foods being offered by it in New York City. Healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless food. The health station provides you both tasty and quality food. In need of having food beside homemade food and not want to compromise on your health? The health station is the best food truck to head to in NYC, USA. It offers the best chicken wraps filled with a tasty salad, Panini of many types, salads, smoothies, platters and fruit, and parfaits. 

Grilled Cheeserie:

It is a food truck located in Nashville, Tennessee. This food truck was set up by a husband and wife. This food truck is the best place to visit for cheese lovers. They offer special grilled cheeses and you can make your sandwich as well. Have you ever seen cute souvenirs in food places? Come to this food truck and see souvenirs like sweatshirts, pins. To make the truck look environment friendly that also has a setup of glass Bottle colas. Their menu mostly features cheesy melts. Most famous things on their menu are.

• Cheesy Tots
• B and B of Tennessee
• Sweet Potato chips
• Pimento Mac and cheese
• Cookies ‘n Cream Dream
• Buffalo South
• Turkey de Parma
• Spinach and Artichoke Melt

Spoon a bowl:

What about having an ice cream that is made of all-natural ingredients rather than artificial sweeteners? Spoon a bowl is a food truck made for the love of frozen yogurt. It is located in Las Vegas serving people here for years. Ingredients used are all-natural and food served here is made from scratch from ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Mac Mart Truck:

Mac and cheese is a common favorite food for people. This truck is the first mac and cheese truck in Philadelphia. This truck offers mac and cheese bowls. The items that are served here are.
• Mac and cheese bowls:
Fat and happy, marts mac, in the buff, heart attack, crabby mac, and many more bowls are offered here.
• Return of Mac
It is a mac and cheese sandwich having melted cheese in between.
• Mini Macs

Smitty’s Hot Dogs:

Smitty’s hot dog is a small food truck for hot dog lovers. You will get to eat hot dogs of all kinds here at an affordable price.

Are you in America or planning to visit it anytime soon? Just head over to all these food trucks and get your food cravings satisfied in the best way.