5 Healthy Foods That You Should Add To Your Diet

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We are living in a time where following a healthy diet and consuming healthy foods is not normal. Those who do follow a healthy diet as known as fitness freaks. This mindset has led to various health problems that most of us are facing these days. People with their busy routine forget about following a healthy lifestyle and as time goes by, they start to suffer from health disorders that can also turn chronic with time.

Going for a morning walk or doing a moderate workout helps a lot in improving your health. What’s more important is your diet and the food you consume. A healthy diet can prevent various health disorders and can also help in making you healthier.

Foods that are rich in protein, calcium, iron, zinc, collagen, and vitamins are good for your health and these are some of the most nutrients that your body requires to stay healthy and fit. Foods like keto broth, mackerel and spinach are some of the healthy foods that you can consume. These nutrients can prevent cancer, GERD, insomnia, and various other health problems. The following is a list of 5 foods that should be a part of your diet.


Fish is low in carb and contains tons of healthy nutrients that are good for your health. Consuming fish weekly or after every 2-3 days will help in making you healthy and more focused on your work. Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are among the most consumed fish.

Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help in improving your brain health, heart health, and digestive health. This is why you should add fish in your daily diet.


Chicken, turkey, goose, and duck are some of the meat sources that you will find in poultry. They are rich in protein and calcium that help in improving your bone health. If you are someone who likes to lift the weight then you should add poultry food in your diet.

It is more like lean beef. Consuming chicken breast is good for your muscle growth and health. They are low in carbs and fats and can also help in your weight loss. Turkey and goose can make you gain weight so its better to consume chicken breast.


Vegetables improve your digestive health because it is rich in fibers that can help in supporting a proper bowel movement. Leafy vegetables also contain antioxidants that help in improving your memory and brain health. Vegetables like spinach and kale can also help in reducing the inflammation level of your body.

Leafy vegetables are good for fat and weight loss as well. They keep you fuller throughout the day and help in controlling your overeating habit. Such foods can also prevent various health problems and can improve your vision as well.


If you don’t prefer consuming meat in your diet then you can try bone broth. It is made by separating the meat from bones and then those bones are cooked for several hours. All the nutrients of that bone is then transferred into the broth.

Cooking bone broth can be difficult for some people so it’s better that you should buy bone broth that is already made and cooked. You will mostly find them in powdered form. They are equally beneficial and good for your health.


Beef is a great source of protein and collagen. Both these nutrients are good for your skin and muscle health. Collagen can help in improving your skin and hair health. Whereas protein can also help in tightening your loose skin. Such nutrients help in improving your skin quality.


These are some of the healthy foods that you should consume in order to improve your health. Beef, chicken, vegetables, and seafood help a lot in improving your health and such foods should be in your diet. Avoid foods that contain added sugar, processed meat, and fried things. Such foods won’t show any early signs of why they are not good for your health. Sooner or later you will notice some changes in your health. So it’s better to take early precautions and avoid such foods. Add the above foods in your diet and improve your health.