Sustainable Gift Ideas in 2021

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The world has made a turn towards a more responsible and sustainable track. Consumers are becoming mindful of environmental factors that go into every product or service they use every day. Behind every brand, they are looking for responsible sourcing, fair labour standards, and safe ingredients. People are starting to appreciate the world around them more than before. They are open to learning as much as possible. 

Taking all of these together, the ideal gift this year is among these criteria: handmade, sustainable, and something that cannot be boxed. All you need to do is check-out a plastic-free online store or research local cultural clubs in your area. This article will give you ideas if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. 

Homemade Gifts Made by Talented Artists

Artists and makers create unique items, from canvas paintings to customized notebooks to handmade jewellery. If you are a maker yourself, the time and attention you give in creating your masterpiece are more than enough indication of your affection. 

Creative and handcrafted gifts by artists are sustainable because they are usually done with local materials. Some are even ingeniously repurposed materials. You won’t have to worry if your recipient has a similar item to your gift because he or she most likely does not. Whether from a local artist or something you made yourself, curated gifts show you truly know and care for the recipient. 

Show Them You Care with Health and Wellness Gifts

If ‘concern’ can be gifted, it will surely take form as health and wellness items. These self-care products include essential oils, bath bombs, hydration masks, and sustainable moisturizing products. Others include therapy colouring books, weighted blankets, or scented candles.

Make sure to choose organic products, meaning they are made without synthetic chemicals and are cruelty-free. These items are mostly plant-based which makes them safe for the user and the environment. Common organic ingredients include beeswax, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. They can be found in soaps or lotions and are manufactured through safe means. Some are even homemade, too!

For the ladies in your life, there are various safe beauty products you can give as gifts. For instance, you can choose organic lip balms over regular lip moisturizers. Organic lip balms are free from artificial colourings, parabens, aluminium, and other components that may irritate the skin. 

If your friend is leaning on the practical side, you can introduce them to bamboo products such as bamboo toilet paper, utensils, and more. These sustainable wellness products are available in a plastic-free online store for affordable prices. 

Give the Gift of Experience

You can never go wrong with eco-friendly products as gifts. Furthermore, you can also give something intangible on other occasions. You can donate to various charities in the name of your friend or family member. 

Annual or seasonal memberships are perfect for an all-year-round gift. You can give them passes to a local opera, zoo, or museum. Even better is a membership to environmental organizations like GetUp and Friends of the Earth. You can also donate to WWF’s Adopt a Koala program to help rescue injured wildlife. 

minimalist wallet comes in a wide range of styles, colours, and materials. A small wallet allows you to carry only what you need while avoiding you from overfilling it with needless goods.

Eco-Friendly Is Always on-Season 

Sustainability is not a passing trend. It is the lifestyle of the present and future. By giving eco-friendly gifts, you can introduce and encourage a sustainable lifestyle among your peers. If they are already eco-conscious individuals themselves, then both of you can celebrate these things together.