Australian Police Checks: When Do You Need to Apply for One?

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The Land Down Under is located between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. The country’s wealth is partly attributed to its rich diversity of wildlife, making the country a unique place to visit. Australia is one of the richest countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with a GDP of US$ 1.40 trillion. 

Aside from its endemic wildlife population, Australia is also considered the land of opportunities. Australian  Immigration laws are not as strict compared to other nations, but the border patrol is stringent in protecting the country. 

Background checks are mandatory in some industries in the country; in such instances, people can apply for an Australian police check online. It is a process where your identity is documented and verified to ensure that you do not have standing records that might affect your personal and public records. 

What Is the Australian Police Check?

A National Police Check and character certification is often needed for the ACT, Jervis Bay Territory, and other Commonwealth territory residents. Australians who are seeking employment within the country or those who are looking for employment overseas need to have background certification.

Additionally, an AFP check is needed for immigration purposes. People trying to visit the country or those trying to immigrate to Australia need to pass the required character test. 

Character and identity checks are also needed by businesses and employers to ensure their workers’ pool is of good moral standing. Paid checks are often stored in proprietary blockchains, which can either be retrieved or printed on demand. 

Work and Industries Requiring Police Checks Certification

Although not mandatory, some Australian employers often need to conduct a police check as part of the legal requirement. Background investigations ensure that a person does not have criminal records, which might affect their job placement. 

Applicants and employees who are often required to get a police check must comply with such demands when needed. If you apply for positions in the community, healthcare, defence, and financial services, you can apply for an Australian police check online, as you might need the certification.

There are Australian-operated continuing verification and alerting services that ensure you are getting government-certified background check information. Investigations are done online, and digital certificates are accessible from your account’s portal. 

Getting Your Police Checks Online

The process of getting a national police check in the country is now made easier with online checks. Unlike the previous years, when you have to go to the local police station, you can now opt for an online application. 

The only consideration you need to remember is getting the police check from an ACIC accredited agency. ACIC compliant verification and alerting service providers are required to have strict security standards when obtaining information. It means your data is safer compared to websites that are not compliant with ACIC standards. 

If you plan to apply for a position under the Commonwealth Government or any public employment, best be prepared with a police check beforehand. While there are several options to get a copy of your background check, the most reliable way is through online police checks.

Avoiding the crowd and getting your police checks from trusted online verification and alerting services is the safest and most convenient way of doing it. Going to your local police station to have your documents processed takes as long as 14 days while posting for an online police check takes as little as 48 hours.