Advanced Learning from a Montessori in Preston

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In the City of Darebin, the suburb of Preston is located along the northern region of Melbourne, Australia. This lovely suburb has recently attracted many young families, resulting in a steady growth in their population. Naturally, the presence of families with young children has also resulted in an increase in the number of early childhood learning centres.

Over the years, single parents in Preston, or those families with both parents working, have resorted to signing up their children in childcare centres. This includes the number of Montessori Preston has to offer, which has become a popular option in the Australian educational landscape.

The Montessori Method

A Montessori teaching method is a viable option for parents who want to see their youngsters develop independence early. Developed by the first Italian woman physician Dr Maria Montessori in the 1990s, the method named after her has become a common term in educational institutions worldwide. However, it remains that a genuine Montessori approach in education is one that leads children to teach themselves. 

In Montessori, teachers set up a “prepared environment” where children can choose their own way of learning. This involves the freedom to choose which groups to join, which activities to work on, how long they will work on them, and when they will be ready to move on. Such a beautiful but unconventional way of teaching recognises and emphasises the adult’s trust in a child’s capability of learning for themselves.

Characteristics of a Good Montessori in Preston

Engaging in early childhood education in Preston, both as parents and educators, is a good option amidst the pandemic – and even more so after it. Though varying in location, plenty of Montessori shares these similar characteristics:

  1. Curriculum

A Montessori curriculum gives importance to various learning styles and multiple intelligences a child may have. Practical life, sensory learning, basic mathematics, beginner literacy skills, and cultural awareness are essential learning areas taught in early childhood Montessori.  

Social interaction and respect for one another are also a big part of Montessori education. As children are exposed to peers who may or may not be the same age and come from a different background, they learn how to become members of their small community as early as possible. Since Preston is an up-and-coming suburb with diversified families, Montessori also becomes an excellent place for children to become multiculturally aware. 


Part of Montessori learning is a “prepared environment.” In this case, most of the Montessori Preston has to offer proudly display their inviting facilities, which are such a delight in the eyes of both the young and old. 

In a Montessori, each spacious room is designed to accommodate a specific learning area. Such spaces are excellently maintained to promote free movement and activity. This ensures that the child has optimum focus and vigour on their tasks at the same time. 

Educational materials are neatly organised on shelves, and only those that have relevance and full use to the learning area are present to help in the child’s development. 
3. Programs

A Montessori program includes a two to three-hour work cycle for each child without interruptions. As mentioned, each child has the freedom to focus on one learning area or switch from one to another as they desire. 

Mixed-age groups can learn with one another as Montessori educators believe that this fosters child-to-child teaching and socialisation. For early childhood learning, the age bracket is from zero to six years old. Teachers serve as gentle guides and observers who must be trained to recognise a child’s potential, readiness and needs to help them learn more effectively.

Montessori learning is more than just an unconventional method of early childhood education. It was and remains to be an excellent alternative to the standard educational curriculum. For families residing in and near Preston, leaving your child in the care of a Montessori within the vicinity is an excellent choice, especially if you want to ensure that they are learning and enjoying, while being cared for.