Preventing Common Accidents at Home with TV Wall Mounting

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Brisbane is home to approximately 2.26 million people. There are more than 800,000 private households occupied by residents who drive this innovation-led economy in a thriving multicultural city. Daily, common accidents can happen that can catch you off-guard. For a parent with kids and pets at home, toppled furniture like a TV can cause several accidents. Remove your worries by acquiring the services of a technician offering TV wall mounting in Brisbane.

In recent years, Brisbane has seen increasing numbers of older residents, single, and couples who opt to own smaller properties with limited space. If you want to maximize your room up to the last centimetre, a set-up of TV wall mounting in Brisbane will benefit you. With an elegant look, viewers can change the TV angle and height to match specific requirements.

TV Wall Mounting Brisbane Tips

In the market, there are many available types of wall mounts to meet your needs. There is the basic flat-mount, the hook mount that allows the removal of a TV from the wall, the tilt/swivel mount that allows movement, and the more sophisticated full-motion mount. The only requirement is that your wall has enough space to fit your TV.

A lot of modern TVs are heavy and take up a lot of space. The materials used are also easily breakable when they fall to the ground. If you own a LED, LCD, Flat Screen or Plasma TV in Brisbane, then you are aware that these are costly investments that you want to keep safe and secure. If your TV is located on a shelf or cabinet, it can pose a safety risk for pets, children, and adults.

For the isolated elderly in Brisbane, they perform activities such as opening the refrigerator, using the microwave, and turning on the television to watch their favourite shows. If a person loses their balance and falls, they could easily knock over the TV or other furniture near the TV. Electrocution is a potential risk, and head trauma can cause serious damage with no one to call for help.

Why let your TV take up space on a table or shelf when you can have it mounted on a wall and out of the way? There are technicians who now offer non-contact service and installations in Brisbane as a precautionary for COVID-19. If you plan to hire a technician, choose one who is fully accredited with ACMA and ASIAL. There are technicians who provide additional services apart from TV wall mounting in Brisbane.

Additional TV outlets can be a separate service that you need as well as adding phone and data outlets if you have a smart TV that is integrated with the internet. Some TV systems in Brisbane require extra power point outlets and data cabling. If you require CCTV installations, there are companies in Brisbane that may offer this service. Other homes may need the assistance of a skilled NBN electrician. Older television sets may call for an antenna installation that is harder to find. 

Take the hassle out of TV wall mounting in Brisbane by hiring a professional to perform the job for you. You do not need a table or surface space to store your TV if it is conveniently mounted securely on a wall. The whole family will appreciate the lifted screen where everyone can see and bond. Book a professional technician and save your valuable space with a wall-mounted TV!