How to Inspect Your Mini Cooper for Maintenance?

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Owning a car can mean a lot of things to people. Some people buy a car for their needs, others like to buy cars to flaunt them. If you own a high-performance car, like the Mini Cooper, for example, taking care of it becomes necessary for its longevity.

If you are not a trained mechanic, you might feel that this task might be a little difficult. But with the right tips at your disposal, this can become much easier for anyone. Here are some of the best tips on the internet that should help you inspect your car and maintain it properly.

Tread Depth

Not every car comes with the same type of tires installed on them. There are different sizes, shapes, and types of a tire manufactured based on different terrains you drive your vehicle on. And every tire has a different depth of the tread to it.

Most of the cars now come with tread wear lines that you can find on the tires easily to understand when you need to change them. When you see the tread have worn down significantly, then it’s time to get a new set of tires for your car.

If for some reason, you are unable to figure out the tread wear from the initial method, you can also check the same with the help of a coin. If you see more than half of the coin your tires need to be changed.

Make sure that you never drive a car that has worn out treads, it can lead to blowing out tires or skids during rainy seasons. Always keep safety first when on the road, new tires are worth the money compared to getting hurt if you don’t.

Tire Pressure

To stay safe on the road, check the right amount of pressure on a regular basis. If you drive your car when your tires don’t have enough air pressure, it can harm the sidewalls of your tires which makes them susceptible to punctures.

It’s always a good idea to check the air pressure regularly whenever you find a petrol pump nearby. Find a technician who will measure it for you. They will use the tire gauge to check whether your tires have appropriate pressure or they need more air.

Accessory Belt

Every car engine powers the accessories installed inside such as power steering, air-conditioning system, etc. Over time this belt can wear out, why can lead to serious issues in your car. It’s important to inspect your accessory belt, also known as serpentine, from time to time.

If you find any signs of damage, it is best that you take care of it immediately. Go to your mechanic and have the accessory belt replaced with a new one. Make sure you use a good quality, preferably from the manufacturer it was built by originally.


Make sure you are checking your engine oil levels on a regular basis. In most cars, these are easy to locate, but you can look at the manual that came with the car.

To check the oil levels, open the dipstick, and wipe it clean with a cloth. Once its visibly clean, you should dip it back in and pull out to check the level of oil it dipped in. Compare the levels and refill if needed.

These tips should allow you to always keep your car in the best condition. If you have been searching for Mini cooper price in India to buy the car, make sure you refer to this article once you have it in your garage.