5 Best Cloud Certs For 2020

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In the past years, the cloud computing field has got more interest and investment than the other IT field. There’s little doubt that the cloud is now a permanent fixture for end-users and repair providers, in addition to global companies and organizations of all sizes. For this reason, the cloud computing field has much considerable attention from certification providers that supply cloud-related products, like Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, and VMware. 

As we know all the businesses are adopting cloud-based services these days as a result of this the demand for skilled professionals who would manage the technology is on the rise. Skills like cloud security, information security, cloud architecture, and deployment management are a hot commodity on the market. You’ll get a decent job and salary if you’ve got proven your skills, experience, and knowledge. Around 83% of enterprises will be moved and working on cloud platforms in 2020. This creates a skill gap in the job market as the enterprises are searching for skilled professionals who can facilitate the move and maintain their cloud infrastructures. This is because the Cloud certified professionals earn quite more than the non-certified ones. There are reports that have proven in the past that the average salaries for Cloud Administrators are slightly below USD 75,000, while Cloud Developers earn nearly USD 118,000 annually. 

In this highly-specialized market, certifications are the best to prove the skills you claim to have. With the help of the right cloud certification, you can survive and compete in the fast-paced world of cloud technology. If you’re progressing to explore a career in Cloud computing, here are some top Cloud certifications you must consider. During this article, we are going to show you some important Cloud credentials which will facilitate your enhanced opportunities within the marketplace this year.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is targeted at professionals with the skills and knowledge to work and manage with the AWS Cloud. The AWS CLF-C01 exam validates a candidate’s skills in:

  • Explaining AWS Cloud Architecture and its basic principles
  • Describing common use cases and services of AWS Cloud
  • Describing account management, billing, and pricing model
  • Recognizing the main sources of technical assistance or documentation
  • Explaining the basic infrastructure of AWS cloud and values of AWS Cloud
  • Describing the shared security model and compliance concepts of AWS Cloud
  • Explaining important characteristics of deploying and operation on AWS Cloud

(ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification

The cloud and cybersecurity are the two hottest sectors of the IT industry, therefore, the demand for cloud security experts is increasing these days. That’s why this CCSP certification from (ISC)² will certainly put you on the higher side of the market. The (ISC)² CCSP certification offers an opportunity to further develop your skills in designing, managing, and securing data. The industry’s highest authority on the subject will teach you everything you would like to understand about cloud security design, architecture, similarly as service and operations organization.

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is among market favorite certs. It covers lots of content, and it’s in no way an introductory course – but it doesn’t require a few years of experience as CCSP. This cert is ideal for professionals with one or two years of experience in positions like Cloud Developers, System Administrators, and Network Engineers. This CompTIA Cloud+ cert can significantly increase potential earnings to around USD 68,182.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Microsoft has introduced three role-based cloud certs after retiring the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. The Azure Administrator Associate being one amongst them. The Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification teaches managing both subscriptions and resources, similarly as storage and virtual machines. Furthermore, it also includes handling identities and configuring virtual networks. The salaries for the roles after getting this cert range from USD 55,786 to USD 74,381.

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate Certification

The Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate Certification is the second on the Microsoft’s three role-based certificates list. This Developer Associate cert is responsible for teaching the mandatory skills for cloud development. The exam objectives include IaaS, Paas, storage, security, and solution optimization. A Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate can earn anywhere between USD 37,190 to USD 92,976, reckoning on their level of experience.

These were just the highest 5 cloud certs, but there are more. These certs can prove to be milestones in your cloud computing career. If you want to fancy your chances of getting a great job in this field then you must choose the best-suited cert 

and pass its certification exam. Use uCertify courses to prepare for any of these certification exams. We provide a course and comprehensive lab for the preparation of the certification exams.