Five Effective Ways to Use Instagram for Brand Promotion

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Instagram is considered among the popular social media platforms. All business, either clothing brands or conveyor chain manufacturers, should consider using Instagram. From gathering insights to market products, Instagram keeps throwing tools to help business owners succeed on this exciting photo-sharing social media platform.

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Here are five effective ways to use Instagram to promote your brand on the web:

1 – Use Logo or Professional-Looking or Photo 

Instagram is fundamentally a photo-sharing platform. Therefore, it’s crucial to share visually eye-catching content, and generic images won’t make a breakthrough. Capture or use photos, edit them and take specific time to ensure you are creating an engaging grid on Instagram.

You can take a new image or pick one from your camera roll. Also, there are multiple options to customize your post. You can tag other users, add a filter, write an engaging caption, and add your company’s location. You also have an option to turn off comments on your post using the advanced settings.

2 – Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is among the most popular features of this platform. These videos and images disappear within 24 hours after posting. Instagram offers several tools that make it simple to create creative and engaging stories.

Using Instagram Stories, you can post still photos, recorded videos, live videos, focused photos, boomerangs, music, and basic text. You can add stickers like the temperature, your location, user tags, and hashtags.

The stickers for questions, polls, and sliding bars make it straightforward for user interaction and getting feedback. A few accounts use the questionnaire feature to hold a daily or weekly “Ask Me Anything.” This is a funny way to answer common questions.

Another method to grab attention to your product or brand is with Stories Highlights. The highlights remain on your profile until you remove them.

3 – Live Video Streaming


Apart from Instagram Stories, business users can stream live videos that disappear – like a cross between Snapchat and Facebook Live. You can provide customers access to “behind the scenes” of exciting factors of your business, show new or existing products, or answer questions live via comments.

Once the video finishes, it gets live in your Instagram Stories for 24 hours. To keep the video alive on your Instagram feed, you can post a video or shoot video directly through the app to add or post. If you want to upload or shoot video, you can add filters and change the cover.

4 – Interact with Users

Similar to any social media platform, it’s crucial to interact and engage with your Instagram followers. Here’s how:

Liking: Liking is the best way to connect with other Instagram users. To like an image, either double-tap the photo or tap the heart button below the post.

Commenting: you can comment by clicking the button next to the like button. Just tap it, and the app will take you to the comments section for that image. With a text box, you can enter what you want to say and tap Post when it’s complete.

Mentioning: Similar to Twitter, you can use the “@” symbol to tag others in your Instagram comments or post captions.

Direct Message (DM): To access Instagram Direct, select the homepage and tap the button in the top right corner. 

There, you can send photos, private messages, and videos to other Instagram users. For sending a new DM, tap the “+” button in the top right corner and select Send Video or Photo or Send Message. Once you do this, you, along with the recipients, can send messages back and forth. Users who are not following you will be asked whether they want to permit you to send them images and videos before they can view your DM.

5 – Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags is an effective way to help users find your Instagram content. Hashtags can include numbers and letters, but they can’t allow any non-numerical characters.

Hashtags like #nofilter (an image with no edited filters), #selfie (a photo of yourself), and #throwbackthursday or #tbt (old photos) are popular on Instagram. However, they may not work for your product or brand. It’s an excellent idea to look at other famous brands in your industry to understand what trending hashtags to use.

When you comprehend hashtags, you can fan out and test to discover which ones work best for your image. It’s additionally shrewd to make a custom hashtag for your business or even an occasion you’re facilitating. Consequently, clients can follow with an event, regardless of whether they aren’t there face to face.


Instagram is useful to promote your company and products. It’s a product made for millennials; however, it has been used heavily for content and brand marketing. You must also use this platform to stretch your digital reach and outperform your competitors.