Everything you need to know about wood flour

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One of the essential elements of numerous fillers and composites is wood flour. This is the main component of construction sites with numerous benefits. If you are not familiar with this product, you are today going to find out everything about it in this post. 

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What is wood flour?

Wood flour is made from the pulverized wood, just like sawdust. But, the main difference between both the wood components is how finely wood has been pulverized. As flour, wood is pulverized finely as compared to sawdust. To get the fine flour-like texture of wood, the pulverized wood is filtered carefully so that all the extra lumps can be removed. This timber flour can be made from different types of trees. It completely depends on the requirement of an individual. 

Process of Making Wood-Based flour 

The process of making flour out of a fine piece of wood is called pulverizing. The finely processed sawdust is used to create a finely ground flour of wood. Sawdust can be easily found from the wooden industries as it is a commonly available byproduct. The premium quality providing timber flour companies use the high quality of sawmill sawdust to make flour because tailing wood won’t produce the best quality. 

To make the finest quality of the wooden flour, the pulverizing process is compressed on the sawdust again so that all the lumps and large chunks of wood can be treated properly. If you are hesitant to use flour in making construction composites because you don’t want to harm trees, you can only trust the PEFC and FSC-certified company. 

When you trust the PEFC or FSC-certified flour suppliers, you are participating in making forests thrive. These certificates ensure that your decision to use timber flour won’t compromise morals and ethics because no tree is harmed to produce fine dust of wood. 

Benefits of Using Timber flour 

Timber flour is a highly popular and useful building construction material that can be used in different ways. The prominent use of flour can be seen in making composite for roofs and decks. The finely shredded and pulverized wood can be highly durable material to construct a composite for the important parts of the building. You can use timber flour in both wood and plastic composite. 

It can be used in multiple other operations as well. The flour can be used to fill products like linoleum and Bakelite. Other than the filling and construction industries, it can be used in the animal husbandry industry to make a flour for animal shelters. In the fur dressing process, flour can also be used in the mink industry. 

How to Find a High-Quality flour?

When you are looking for a high quality of wood flour to make a composite for your new building, you have to pay attention to a couple of factors. If you focus on the following things, you can easily order the high-quality flour. 

Your Budget 

There are different types of wood flour available in the market as per the softness and durability of the flour. Thus, the price range of all the products is going to be different. So, you should pick the right wood-based flour according to your budget. Always keep quality above the price. 


Whenever you are buying anything related to wood, always check for the PEFC and FSC certificates. These certificates ensure that nothing is harmed to produce the flour. It makes sure that you are not harming the environment to get your wood products. 

So, if you are entering the construction world, you need all the support from the best wood flour providers to create a strong roof.