What Are the Different Methods to Host a Website?

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Owning a website can benefit you in the long run. Whether you are just a blogger or run a professional online business, a good website hosting services will help you get your site on the internet.

But it is also crucial that you choose the right hosting services for your website. Here are three different ways you can host a website on the internet with ease.

Host on your Computer

The first method is simple but will need you to have a little bit of knowledge about operating computers. You have to get a static IP if you are going to host a website on your computer. You must check your data plan before you do that. Just contact your internet provider and ask them to upgrade your plan.

You need to make sure the connection you have to your computer is uninterrupted at all times; otherwise, your website will go down when your internet is not working correctly.

Though it’s okay to use windows for hosting websites, it can get challenging to manage. Instead, if you have Linux installation around, it’s best that you use that instead. In case you don’t use either and are a mac user, that will work too.

Finally, you will need a web server software that will help you set up all the necessary things to start hosting your website on your personal computer.

Free Web Hosting

The second method deals with having a free web hosting plan. This might not be ideal if you are looking for a more manageable hosting plan. Free hosting often places ads on your website that you cannot remove and won’t be paid for.

Often, they don’t have enough space as well; you might run into a lot of downtimes on a regular basis if you are trying to run a big website, such as an eCommerce website.

But if you don’t have another option, you might as well start from here. Always check the free hosting plan before you begin the process. Go through their policies as well. If you want to be sure about a service, its best you research about the same a few times and check what reviews the website has from other users.

Web hosting Provider

If you do not like the first two steps, it’s better that you go with a web hosting provider that will offer better services for your website. You will be able to choose between multiple types of web hosting plans, such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPN hosting, or WordPress hosting.


Depending on your requirements, choose the right service that you would like to have for your website. In general, if you have a long-term plan for your website, it’s better to go with a dedicated hosting plan since it offers dedicated resources and storage just for your website. You won’t need to share the resource with other websites and will have more control over your own website.


If you are going for a website that is more of a landing page, you can choose a shared webs hosting plan. With a shared web hosting, the resources and storage space will be shared with other websites who opted for the same services.


WordPress hosting is best if you are trying to build a website on WordPress itself. Most of the time, the web hosting provider will also offer free installation of WordPress with your hosting plan. WordPress also offers a lot of customization features. For beginners, this is one of the best Web hosting services in India.