21 Most Used Applications in 2019/20

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In this digital era, people have become more and more reliant on technology. Technology has appropriated our lives completely, be it the daily tasks or the increased use of online applications. Several mobile applications are developed and launched each day consistent with our needs.

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We use different apps for various tasks, Facebook and Instagram function as a newspaper for us. Gone are the times when you had to wait for a taxi, just book a user and therefore the list goes on. There are thousands of mobile applications currently active but only a couple of them get world recognition. So, does one ever wonder which amongst these applications are most utilized in the past year?

If yes, then this text is for you, today India shoppers are going to be giving brief information about the 7 most used applications in 2018/19. Let’s begin our list with none delay:

1. WhatsApp

It is safe to mention that WhatsApp has been one among the foremost popular apps within the last decade approximately. The rationale is straightforward WhatsApp grants its users around the world features like sending text messages and pictures or video calling.

It is an easy but yet one among the foremost iconic apps during this generation and you’ll find almost everyone who has access to a smartphone using WhatsApp. The app has over a billion active users within the world.

2. Facebook

Facebook is unarguably the foremost popular social media website and application within the world. Since the creation of the web site back in 2004 Facebook has only become popular amongst people. And, the population of the planet isn’t getting any lesser so, the recognition of Facebook will keep increasing within the upcoming years.

Facebook application is accessible for android, iOS, BlackBerry and each other mobile platform available within the market. The appliance is employed all around the world for all kinds of social and business purposes.

3. Instagram

Instagram may be a photograph sharing and person to person communication application that ended up documented primarily thanks to its high calibre and memorable highlights like square picture organization, channels, IG TV, etc.

In the past 5 years, Instagram has gained several many users thanks to its unique app design and constant new features updates. In 2018, Instagram was certainly one among the foremost used applications with big names like WhatsApp and Facebook.

4. Snapshot

Snapshot is additionally a social networking platform, which is merely mobile-exclusive i.e. there’s no website of the appliance. You would possibly get surprised initially, but that is the truth Snapshot isn’t accessible even through the regular web design Auckland.

The application enables its users to interact with other Snapshot users through sending messages, photographs, short recordings, etc. the most reason for the recognition of Snapshot is its dozens of unique photo filters which helped Snapshot to rank within the list of most used mobile apps the past year.

5. UC Browser

If we mention the foremost commonly used browser (including web users) then Google Chrome is unarguably the apparent answer. But we mention exclusively for mobile usage, UC Browser has been dominating that sector within a previous couple of years.

UC Browser has all the amazing features that one can expect during a browser. On top of that, no got to worry if you are doing not own one among the newest smartphones because UC mini is exclusively made for these devices. What else can one expect from a browser app?

6. User

User offers the foremost utilized area based taxi enlisting application that permits clients to contract drivers, taxis, bicycles and shared rides for nearby and outstation travels. User has definitely brought a revolution within the transportation sector.

It is an easy, helpful, safe and financially savvy method for transporting inside or close-by your city. Since it’s a neighbourhood-based application, User works fine on any GPS-empowered telephone. In 2018, User’s app was employed by many customers which made it one among the foremost useful and popular mobile apps of 2018.

7. YouTube

There are few people in today’s world who doesn’t realize YouTube. It’s a video review and sharing an application that’s compatible with both mobile and desktop. YouTube features a monopoly in its sector and one among the main reasons is that they supply a platform for people to monetize their channels.

The mobile application has some extra features as compared to the quality YouTube website, for instance, offline downloading is out there within the mobile version. YouTube has been within the list of most used applications for quite a while now and can be there within the coming years.