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The future is unknown, but cued with the betterments one seeks to have today. Today’s limitations are fed into tomorrow’s solutions.

With the Coworking Space in BKC Mumbai and its culture getting wide acceptance and compliance, it is quite natural that the co-working space would undergo dynamic changes to match the needs of the future.

As of today, few difficulties that are still left to be sorted would be addressed in the coming years. The futuristic trends in the co-working spaces are here which can change the total outlook of the same.

1. Less human intervention

The members of a co-working space would love to just have the techy community to be around them, without having to deal with the managers of the co-working spaces here and there. This can add to their comfortability while working in these spaces.

In –order to make sure of the lesser human intervention, co-working space management have introduced smart access cards, booking software, revenue payment portals etc. This can reduce the hustles and unwanted confusions among the members and the management. This involves developing a safe, secure managerial system from the co-working space management team.

2. The shift in corporates

The  Coworking space in Connaught Place were used by freelancers, small businesses, startups etc in the past. But recently, even corporates have been using the co-working spaces to work. This has been good to build on the trust upon co-working spaces.

This will require the design of the co-working spaces to have differentiated spaces for meetings, office suits, lounge area etc while maintaining the style of co-working space.

 3. Niche-specific spaces

Today, with a lot of demands arising among the freelancers and workers regarding co-working spaces, people demand niche-specific spaces too. They opt such spaces more today. As they say, birds of the same feather flock together. With comfortability and connectivity kept in mind, niche-specific spaces are on higher demand today.

It could be anything- women-only spaces, spaces for writers, photographers, marketers etc. With this, there is an additional advantage of providing the space with amenities that each niche requires the most. The whole space can be themed over one specific niche which will help the members in return.

4.  Members’ health and comfort

Any space that looks keen into the health and wellness of the members will always stay close to their heart. First aid supports, an on-line medical aid arranged by the co-working group, can be add ons that will attract members. Even a health policy or hospital vouchers for the members can be helpful. Safe and secure work conditions for both health and mind should be enabled. Furniture, seating positions etc must be arranged which will help them with their health, without causing occupational diseases which is quite prevalent among the professionals these days.

5. Multiple locations and global membership

If you are a co-working space owner, it would be the next step to start establishing the brand in different cities. This would help the members too if they have to conduct a meeting with a client or investor in a different city. With allowing the privileges of global membership, they will have access to all the franchises of the co-working spaces. With all the businessmen trying to expand and growing their business globally, a major part of them would opt co-working spaces who have branches at multiple cities. This will increase customer loyalty due to the uninterrupted workflow experience that you can gift them.

6. Building community rather than customers

The main aim of co-working spaces must be to build a community of workers who dedicate themselves into building something that themselves and society can take advantage of. Community building is very strong in the co-working space rather than the corporate sector. This is because in a community we will get help from others who might be better than us in the specialized field. Discussing issues faced by each other and having people to relate to your problems are quite essential. A community can help us in making better decisions than an individual.

Events, meetups, product launch parties etc can be conducted to bring in the community together once in a while. Talks, sessions, etc can be arranged by the co-working management to build the bond among the members.

7.  Reaching that extra mile!

Thinking out of the box is a necessity today to hold yourselves among the high competition of the co-working spaces. You have to push your brand a little extra to establish yourselves in the market. Providing a variety of services is the only way one can get through the list.

 Special cubicles for each worker, unconventional design ideas, bright and pleasant wall paints and graphics can all bring he extra magic to your co-working space.

Today, most of the spaces provide services like yoga sessions, meditation areas, introvert corners etc. Special guides for these arrive in special hours to help the members.

In-house ATMs, automated cafeteria, are all few important services that a futuristic co-working area can provide.

8.  Office Automation Engineer

While emphasizing the new technologies one need to incorporate in a co-working space, we must also look into ‘THE ONE’ who will make all these possible. An office Automation Engineer on call must always be available to help with all the glitches that can happen. He must be able to coordinate the IoT and automated devices, cloud services etc. API accounts can be maintained by the co-working spaces and the engineer can take care of the payments if required and update in time. This will help the co-working space business and also the member’  business to run smoothly without being affected by the issues that can occur.

Futuristic trends in a co-working space should in effect enhance the current amenities and bring in more to match the needs of the future. Customers trust in enterprises that help them grow and become successful in spite of the difficulties they face in their business.