Xiaomi New Arrivals are Stealing the Show with Elegant Products that Offer Great Value for Money

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Xiaomi is shaking things up in the tech market. The new brand has broken the mold by offering smart technological solutions. What’s even better is that the prices are highly reasonable. Setting new standards, Xiaomi is continually pushing boundaries with its eco-friendly and interesting products in Pakistan. If you are tech-savvy and will not settle for anything but the best, then Xiaomi is your brand! 

Its innovative and sophisticated tech gadgets are not only satisfying customers, but the company is striving to deliver superior value as compared to its competitors. This is the reason behind the company’s success in such a short period of time. Xiaomi is fast increasing its foothold not only in Pakistan, but everywhere that it has launched its products. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of tech, then check the latest Mi products.

Mistore.pk is the place to shop for the top gadgets. Here you can shop for all your tech needs while sitting at home. You can check all the specifications, features and price details against every product and order only when satisfied. The warranty policy is given for every product to make sure that our customers feel safe, when buying products from us. We want you to keep coming back to us for more. 

Do not miss the latest Xiaomi arrivals and the new favorites that people are falling in love with. Mistore.pk brings to you an exciting range of tech gadgets from sophisticated smartphones to home security cameras, power banks, routers, projector, and all kinds of audio and video devices among others. Let’s check some of the products from the new arrivals that offer great value for money. 

Mi band 5 –  The True Smart Band

The much awaited Mi Smart Band 5 has finally been unveiled and it has everything that was being expected from the smart band, if not more. The band is elegant and feature rich. It boasts of a large dynamic color display, bigger than its predecessor model. 

Mi band 5 offers many improvements like new tracking features and sports modes (11 sports modes to be exact). You can keep a check on your fitness and sleep habits by syncing the band via bluetooth and it will record your every move. The health suggestions you get, may perhaps convince you to change your lifestyle and adopt a more healthier one. While you are on the go, you can get call alerts and unlock the phone with a simple swipe.

Mi band 5 has introduced magnetic charging which is a modern and convenient addition. The battery is also improved, it offers 14 day battery life which is quite impressive. The wristband comes in 8 vibrant colors, so you are sure to find the color you love.  Excited already! Go on and find out more about this exclusive product that is worth having.

Mi Airdots- Your Friendly Companion

Looking for wireless earbuds that can be your companion while working out, riding a bike, shopping, jogging or driving. Xiaomi’s Airdots is the answer for you. These close packed airdots are making news, because of their top features that users are finding very convenient. Not only are Mi Airdots aesthetically pleasing, but deliver everything you can expect from wireless earphones. They will help tune out your surroundings and provide quality HD sound to let you concentrate on the audio. The wireless handsfree Mi Airdots are lightweight and comfortable and you would not even notice them while wearing them. They fit the ear snugly, so you do not have to worry about them falling off when going outdoors. You can go about doing your daily chores, while enjoying the freedom of movement they allow. The airdots offer great sound quality. The battery life with the case is 12 hours which works for most of the users. Thanks to the modern Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it can help to maintain faster and more stable connection, so you do not have to worry about connectivity issues. Get ready to enjoy uninterrupted music because Mi Airdots will deliver what it promises. The box of the airdots is compact, making them easy to carry. The built-in touch controls are very responsive and the airdots are water-resistant. They are available in only one color and that is white. The top features justify airdots price because you get your money’s worth. It is with a reason that these earbuds in Pakistan are becoming a hot commodity. Go get your pair now. 

Air Purifier for a Healthier Indoors

Indoor air quality in our homes is getting poorer and hence the need to have clean air to breathe is being felt all the more. In Pakistan, the air quality particularly has deteriorated in recent years. It is becoming a major health problem. According to an estimate by the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, around 128,000 people die every year as a result of air pollution related illnesses. 

While we may not have control over the outdoor environment, we can have a healthy home by having good quality indoor air. Indoor pollutants can at times be more dangerous and thus more harmful  since we spend most of our time indoors. These can have a serious impact on health and result in chronic health problems. 

To be safe, many people are turning to air purifiers that can provide a better air quality inside the walls of their homes. The need for air purifiers is increasing by the day and so is the competition for the best air purifiers in the market. This product asks for reliability and Xiaomi’s air purifiers have earned a reputation to provide reliable removal of allergens and harmful toxins from air. It can help get rid of pollen, dust, fungi, mold spores and can make the air cleaner. We offer quite a few models of air purifiers with different specs and the air purifier price also varies according to their features. Some are more suited for large rooms and some for cars, while others provide distinct features. These are available in different shapes and colors. Explore the different air purifiers we have on Mistore.pk and get the one that suits yours needs.

Projectors – Providing An Immersive Experience

If you are looking for projectors then check out Xiaomi’s latest ones, they all come with different features. At Mistore.pk you can check all the features of these modern projectors and see if they meet your needs. You can find laser projectors and small mini projectors as well that provide high color accuracy and good picture quality, providing an enjoyable viewing experience. The high resolution picture and great sound will make watching a movie or listening to music on it a treat. The new laser projector boasts of a massive projection area which is 150 inches. Xiaomi’s projector price in Pakistan is affordable and you can find the prices of other projectors against the products on the site. The price would vary depending on which projector you are getting, but with Xiaomi products you can rest assured to get the quality of your money’s worth. Because of our affordable prices and top quality products customers trust us. 

As online shopping Pakistan is witnessing an increased flow of traffic which is understandable in the times we live in, when the pandemic has changed the life we were all used to, Xiaomi aims to keep up with the changing times. Understanding the scenario, Mistore.pk makes online shopping Pakistan experience easier for the comfort of our valued customers. Experience the difference and shop for all your tech needs from us from the safety of your home.