What to Know About Hiring a Life Coach

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First things first – Who is a Life Coach?  

The one who helps you see your life clearly – who helps you to recognise your goals and then guides you towards your aim to achieve those goals successfully. Therefore, they are often called Life Navigators as well. They will guide you in any situation to overcome from any barriers. 

Life coaches are often confused with mentors and therapists; however, this is a big misconception. Mentorship demands that your mentor has been through the same situations as you have and hence, they have the expertise to guide you in the particular field. However, a coach may or may not have been in your shoes but is someone who understands what you are looking for and supports you accordingly. At the same time, they are not therapists because they do not help with deep rooted psychological problems or mental health but instead, they are people who communicate with you to help you achieve your goals.  

Hence, even though it can be said that some aspects of Mentorship and Therapy overlap with that of Coaching, the three words are not synonyms. 

It is a known fact that different people have different needs. In fact, everybody has different ideas of goals, achievements and happiness. For someone happiness could mean a foreign trip while for someone else it may simply mean a fulfilling meal at the end of the day. So, it is important to identify what you are looking for to be able to achieve that and hence be happy. Life Navigators are the people who can help you through this process. You can meet with them, converse with them and find out wherein your true happiness lies. Once you have discovered your goals, they are there to support you in your journey towards achieving them.  

Some people already have set goals and know exactly what makes them happy, but they just do not seem to be motivated enough to go ahead and make those goals a reality. These people can also meet with a Navigator to provide them the motivation they need to start working towards their aims. The coach can not only motivate them through the communication sessions but can also help them identify skills or areas they need to work on, thereby motivating them to improve themselves. They encourage you to do things that they identify as your strength and they make sure you live by your principles while you are working towards it.  

Navigators not only provide guidance and help make improvements in your life but also ensure your personal empowerment. They help you build your self-confidence so that you are motivated to work hard. They help you maximise your potential and boost your self-worth and self-belief so that you become a stronger and independent person. The results of coaching are often high self-esteem that makes people more successful and happier in both their personal and professional lives. In the present scenario worldwide pandemic most businesses are in loss people are facing loss of job. The Life Coaches are help you to show you the right path what to do to move your life smoothly. Most important thing is searching a best coach to guide you properly So, MeVero is the best platform where one can find best one for their own purpose and needs.    

Here’s what you need to do to get in touch with a life coach. 

You could get referred to a coach by your friend, family member or colleague who you know have been getting good results from their own sessions. However, it is important to understand that just because they are getting what they are looking for does not guarantee your satisfaction with the same person. It is vital to not only find a good life navigator but also one who is best suited for you. Hence, a better approach to finding one for yourself could be looking for a coach online, like the MeVero Life Navigation platform. On this platform you can browse through the profiles of the wide range of navigators available and find the best match for your needs. There are Navigators for corporate or business guidance as well as personal counselling, to cater to all kinds of needs.  

MeVero is a big platform for the both Life coaches and the users, Life coach can register themselves as Life Navigator anywhere from the world just following a few steps. It’s an online platform where one can take a session at anytime from anywhere. They can set up their own commercials per hour basis and provide their bio, apart of that the commercial can be set as per mode of communication. Mode of communication available in MeVero are Text, Audio and Video. The time of appointment with life Navigators are set by the users as per the availability of the Life Navigators. Both the users and Life Coaches can change their appointment time 24 hours before the fixed time. The payment is always to be paid in advance through MeVero Payment gateway. The user will find the scheduled appointment from their profile also both them are informed through email for several times. 

Once you choose a coach based on what you are looking for, you must use the first session to get to know them better and learn whether he is a good fit for you. You must make sure he is not judgemental and someone you can open up to like a friend. Their personality should not clash with yours and it should feel like you are in a safe space. You must also see that they do not set high expectations for you and instead provide realistic projections based on what you share. Lastly, their fees should be reasonable and acceptable to you. If you do not find what you are searching for, you must speak to more coaches until you find your best match. When you do find the perfect support, your success is usually guaranteed! 

Keep Safe Stay at home to prevent Covid19 pandemic.  

“Coaching isn’t Therapy. It is Product Development, with you as the Product.” 

– Judy Hehr, Inspirational Speaker and Coach