Why Is It Important To Wear The Right Basketball Uniform

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Basketball, like every other sport, has a distinct uniform. We just look at the uniform and get to know that the person wearing the uniform is a basketball player or supporter. A lot of people think that proper team uniforms are over-rated and aren’t required. People think that the uniform is there only to look good. They think it has more to do with fashion and has very little to do with the actual sport.

Well, I certainly don’t think that is the case. Team uniforms play a crucial part in the context of the game and are extremely important for the teams, the players, the referees, and the spectators. Here in this article, I will tell you why it is important to wear the right basketball team uniform. You will get to know its importance and why it deserves respect.

To start things off let me tell you what a basic basketball uniform consists of:

1. A relax fitted sleeves basketball jersey

basketball jersey is a little loose and typically is without sleeves. It is made out of sweat-absorbent, breathable and a little stretchable fabrics like polyester and other synthetic materials.

2. A pair of relax fitted, knee-length basketball shorts

The basketball shorts are again a little fitted and are typically knee-length. They like the jersey are made out of sweat-absorbent, breathable and a little stretchable fabrics like polyester and other synthetic materials.

3. A pair of ankle-high (ankle support) basketball shoes

The basketball shoes are tight fitted sports shoes. They are made to be a bit bulkier than the regular joggers or running shoes. They are ankle-high and tight fitted from the top as well. They have a great grip to allow players to keep their ground on the polished wooden basketball court.

Every article of the basketball uniform is vital and serves its purpose. Here are some of the ways why basketball uniforms are important.

1. A proper basketball uniform aids a player’s movement.

The relaxed-fitting of the basketball uniforms (basketball jersey and basketball shorts) allows the player the freedom to move around and maneuver the ball properly without and constriction and hindrances.

The high top basketball shoes provide the necessary grip and support the ankle of the players allowing them to jump, sprint, and change directions easily.

2. A proper basketball uniform creates team unity.

Proper basketball team uniforms create a strong visual appearance of a team. These matching custom uniforms make the team look sharp, focused, united and confident. They give these players that united mentality which makes them stick with others through thick and thin and creates an unbreakable bond. Basketball team uniforms make everyone equal. No matter how rich or person is, no matter where they come from the uniform knows no race and boundaries and simply unites everyone. They not only unite the players. They also unite the fans and spectators and creates a distinct identity.

3. A proper basketball uniform prevents the player from sustaining injuries

The ankle-high, bulky basketball shoes grip on the heel and the ankles tightly. They provide the necessary support and prevents the player from twisting their ankles. Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of running, jumping, and changing directions suddenly. The basketball uniform, especially the shoes make sure that the players stay on their feet away from injuries.

4. A proper basketball uniform aids the player’s performance

I mentioned earlier that basketball uniforms aid the player’s movement. When it aids the movement it allows them to perform better. The players will move freely on the court, recognize their teammates with just one look (because of the distinct uniforms) and so perform individually and as a team. As the uniforms are made out of breathable and sweat-absorbing fabrics, they will keep the player cool under pressure. It will keep the player comfortable and when a player is comfortable and feeling good, which is when he or she performs her best.

Of course, proper basketball uniforms look pleasing to the eye, but along with making the players look good, they make the game better. We must all respect the uniform and teach the young kids to always dress up properly with the team uniform of that sport before playing.