Top outdoor advertising ideas for business

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If you are looking for diverse ways of outdoor advertising for your brand then here you come to the right place. Advertisements don’t only mean to show the information related to your brand and business but it also means to attract the target group effectively. Below we have compiled a list of outdoor advertising ideas that can make a lot of profit for your business. Let’s start with the most ideal one – 

Custom Canopy Tent 

Custom Canopy Tents are the most effective, trendy, and economical way to promote your brand. With the help of this advertisement, you can make your business stand out from others. Also, you can make business deals such as informing the customers about your product, selling or buying the product in its shade, and hence it is the best way to attract a lot of customers simultaneously.

Custom canopies are best for the grand opening of your business as it can create an awesome impression on your customers and don’t forget the first impression is the last impression. Also, these are used in community events and anniversary sales to better connect with your customer. You must have seen the use of custom canopy tents in festival fairs and trade shows with the sole purpose to promote the beans to both new and existing customers.  

Custom canopy is portable and easy to set up at both outdoor and indoor locations. It’s perfectly printed designs and graphics are the best to attract customers and are widely being used by small and medium-sized businesses. 

Billboard Advertising 

Billboards are the largest size banners stands or posters that are displayed in crowded or popular areas of a city. They tend to attract a large group of audience at once. The giant prints and text are easily readable from a distance and thus considered as one of the best forms of advertising.

Also, according to a survey, 71% of the consumers admitted that they look and read the messages conveyed through the billboard advertisements. This clearly shows the effects and benefits of billboards in sales conversion. More the people know about your business, the more will be your reach. 

There are different types of billboards available – 

  1. Static – These are the billboards that you can see on the roadside. 
  2. Mobile – These are not in the printed forms but shows with the help of graphics in mobile vehicles. Mobile Billboards are also the popular type of outdoor advertising which is used by all the small businesses, medium, and large businesses. 
  3. Interactive billboards – Top brands are using this type of outdoor advertisement the most as it has good results in sales. It let customers interact with the billboard ads which engage them with the ad and brand too. 
  4. Digital – Digital billboards are mostly used in advertisements in New York City. Digital billboards display hundreds of different advertisements and are very effective therefore big businesses and marketers are bidding to display their advertisement at the particularly crowded spot of the city. 

Transit Advertising 

Transit advertising or it is also known as advertising on transport where you can place catchy advertisements on different modes of transport such as buses, taxis, trains, inside bus stations, etc. It can be displayed in the form of graphics, text, or other visual information with the motive to reach riders and convince them with the offerings and increase the brand value. 

If you want your product to be highly visible daily then opt for transit advertisements, these are cost-effective also. Some marketers smartly make the use of LCD and plasma TV inside the buses and trains and then display ads there to get more reach. This type of outdoor advertising is often adopted by small and medium-sized businesses. It provides extensive reach, geographic coverage, long exposure, and all at a low cost. 

Wifi advertisements 

If you think that billboards and posters won’t attract your customers because their mobile phone always keeps them busy and doesn’t allow them to look at the roadside banners then go for wifi advertisements. With the help of wifi advertising, you can display the content and promotions to engaged audiences also. Target the local wifi spots meaning places where people demand free wifi and then placing a clickable ad to their screens for getting free wifi.

If you are in the marketing field then you must have known the value of word free. If you are thinking about whether a local spot will work, then let me tell you that local spots like malls, stations, coffee shops, cinemas are also offering free wifi services nowadays. This is also a cost-effective medium to promote your brand and content in local audiences with the help of outdoor advertising. 

Guerilla Advertising 

Guerilla advertising or experiential marketing is considered as an unconventional form of inbound advertising that works on the strategy, as low cost and optimal results. In this technique of advertising, the advertiser takes an existing item in the public, and creatively publicizes the product by adding a surprise element.

For example, painting a cartoon character or a dramatic face on a manhole cover. It is used to increase brand awareness in a large group of audiences and that too without interrupting them and that is why it is mostly used among marketers who work and think strategically. This technique is cost-effective and also allows the advertiser to innovate and think for new ideas that will attract the general public.

Types of Guerilla Advertising –

  1. Outdoor Guerilla Advertising – Advertising that is done on the street or sidewalk, etc.
  2. Indoor Guerilla Advertising – Advertising that is done on or inside the trains, train stations, shops, etc.
  3. Event ambush Guerilla Advertising – Advertising that is done in a concert or any type of event like fair, etc.
  4. Experimental Guerilla Advertising – Advertising that requires public interaction with the brand.

I hope with the help of this article you get what you are looking for. Pick any of these outdoor advertising ideas and increase your sales with accurate brand promotion.