Why Balloons Make The Perfect Event & Party

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If you are looking to decorate your special event but you have not any idea, here you will find the advice. Nowadays it is very common to use blooms and balloons together. If with the first part it is all clear but you need to know more about balloons too.

Such a surprise is quite budgetary in terms of cost. Even with a minimal budget, you can purchase beautiful balloons or even decorate a room or hall for a prom with them. In addition, the range of balloons is simply huge. This makes it possible for each person to choose the most suitable option, both for decorating premises and just for a surprise.

Balloon material selection

Latex balloons are the most common option. With the help of such decor, you can come up with interesting compositions for interior decoration. As a rule, latex balloons are presented in different color variations, and can also be complemented with various effects: pastel or metallic.

One of the advantages of these balloons is their affordable price. But at the same time, there are disadvantages to uniformity of forms and fragility of products. Latex balls can be coated or uncoated. The first option is more reliable, durable, and suitable for outdoor use.

Foil balloons can often be found at various events. They differ in a variety of shapes (various shapes, numbers, walking balloons). Such products are quite durable. If they are filled with helium, they will soar for a long time (up to several weeks). In addition, they can be reused if necessary. Among the disadvantages, it should be noted the high cost compared to latex counterparts.

When choosing a material for balloons, you should focus on your goals and objectives. If you are planning a one-day event, the most common latex balloons can be used. If an important event is planned for several days or the registration takes place in advance, you should pay attention to latex with processing, as well as foil balloons.

Choosing balloons for event decoration

When choosing balloons, you should focus on the theme of the event for which the decor is planned:

  1. For promotions (store opening, exhibition, promotional presentation), balloons with a company logo printed on the surface are suitable.
  2. For various presentations and children’s parties, the use of blooms and balloons is recommended, because they are a win-win option.
  3. Metallic balloons are perfect for weddings and anniversaries. They have a pearlescent tint and look good in a variety of compositions.
  4. For the finale of the holiday, the use of helium-filled balloons with LEDs that can be launched into the sky is recommended.

Important characteristics of balloons

When buying balloons, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • elasticity;
  • the ability to retain helium in products with and without processing;
  • price.

As for the last point, it all depends on your goals. In theory, cheap options could be used to promote logo balloons. But at the same time, do not forget that chemical talc is used for their manufacture, which can cause an allergic reaction. In addition, they can have an unstable quality, so it is not known in advance which batch you will get. So we advise you to use medium-price balloons for all purposes.

When choosing a brand, you should focus on your own preferences. Products from Sempertex (Colombia) are excellent for creating shapes and weaving a variety of compositions. Italian balloons from Gemar and Belbol are quite resilient, so they are suitable for outdoor decoration. But Mexican-made products are universal, so they are suitable for use everywhere: both indoors and outdoors linen chair covers.