Change your Lifestyle and Become a Digital Nomad

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You may already know that millions of people make their living using the Internet and if you are far from happy with your current employment, there’s nothing stopping you from joining the digital nomad society. A digital nomad is a person that can live in any location, as their work only requires an Internet connection and a laptop computer, so moving to the sunny beaches in Southern Thailand is something to consider. 

Setting Up your Business

If you were thinking this must be done in your home country, think again; setting up a business in Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore is very easy with the help of a local law firm. Finding an accounting company in Vietnam that can handle your tax returns is easy using Google, plus you can outsource bookkeeping, which is really all you need. One of the major benefits to registering your business is that you can obtain a long-term working visa, which can be very difficult in some countries. There are very strong penalties for foreigners who work without applying for a work permit, which includes deportation, so it is important to stay on the right side of the law in any foreign country.


This is by far the most common form of earning a living online that involves a lot of careful planning. Building a website and sourcing a product line offers no guarantees; indeed, your choice of product will determine success or failure. The first thing to do is choose a product line then create a business plan that covers every aspect of the venture, from start-up capital to digital marketing. Once you are sure about your product, approach a web designer who can build your shopping cart website, taking care of domain name and hosting. Outsourcing all your IT needs to a single provider streamlines your business processes, which only leaves logistics; third-party logistics (3PL) offers the perfect solution, as they will pick, pack and deliver all your orders. As you can live where you like, here are a few reasons to consider migrating to Australia, where great opportunities await.

Create a Strong Online Presence

If you are going to offer your professional services online, you need to create a strong online profile; list your skillsets with many relevant recruitment agencies that support remote working and you might be surprised at the work offers. Whether you are a content writer or a web designer, making the right industry connections should lead to many work opportunities and you can pick and choose.

Content Writing

If you have a flair for the written word, you can find work at one of the many online content providers who are always looking for freelance bloggers. You might have to take a basic English grammar test to ensure you are, in fact, a Native English speaker, plus you might have to submit a few examples of your work. Like most things, the more you write, the better you become and after some experience, you could move up from blogging to sales copy, which is where the real money lies.

Whatever you choose, if you are planning to travel, do check with the World Health Organization regarding the latest Covid information; here is some information for entry requirements into Vietnam, in case you are thinking of scoping out this SEA nation.