When A Stroller without a Car Seat is Suitable for Baby?

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When your baby is of 7 or 8 months old, has regular size and health according to age. He is capable of sitting upright straightly and can hold his head up.When the baby meets all these factors; he is ready to be put in a stroller without a car seat and enjoy exploring the World. Parent shall check all these requirements and decide whether the stroller without a car seat is fit for the baby or not. 

         For best care of baby it is suggested to be careful while using the stroller, no matter the baby is infant or enough old. Even if the infant stroller has full recline of 180 degrees you must take best care. The stroller shall be under your supervision. Do not leave it unattended. Remember if anything wrong happened to baby and you are not around, the baby will be unable to inform you about it. 

          The stroller without a car seat might be comfortable, spacious and breathable but you must take child out of it after each 2 hours if your journey is long. So that the baby and you may stretch the muscles, relax the body and breath freely. But with car seat you can take baby on long tours, as much long as you want or you have to with proper care and precautions. Take care and check time by time that your baby is not feeling suffocated. You should give proper attention to baby and engage with him thoroughly. You cannot put the baby in stroller and let him be unattended. You cannot think that after putting baby in cozy stroller he does not need any more attention. The infant car seat stroller is not all to be cautious about him. If the stroller is not infant stroller then the precaution measurements should be even higher and your chosen stroller must consist of quality support accessories.

             You should ascertain that your child is not too weak or young that you could not put him in stroller without car seat. Otherwise the stroller without car seat can be used for child of any age at any time. Make it sure that your child is able to sit at a non-flat recline for your needed time duration or for as long as you want. It can make baby relax and comfortable. To make it more ascertain that the baby is not facing any issue while his stay in the stroller , you should also check the signs, if any, of if the baby is reddish, if he is as responsive as he is when out of stroller, is he giving signs of happiness.  You can judge it easily on mere look of the baby. Watch if the baby is feeling at home in stroller or there is still time to wait. Each child has different time to be in stroller due to different age, weight and health. There is no hard and fast rule regarding it.

        The baby may take stroller adjustment test more than once. Estimate the response of baby and check if it is a time to put baby in stroller or not.