What is digital Marketing ? – best courses for digital marketing 2020

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Digital Marketing industry is on boom .

Everyone who has some sort of online presence would have definitely heard of digital marketing .

This boom in Digital Marketing has helped to make many small business profitable . 

Digital marketing has also created a lot of employment in last few years .

But might some of you would be unaware about what is digital marketing and how can this be helpful for you ?

Lets check out what is digital marketing and how it can help you –

What is digital marketing ?

Over the years as everything is going digital like digital shopping , digital payments , digital education 

Marketing has also evolved to be digital giving rise to DIGITAL MARKETING .

Traditional marketing where cold calling , pamphlets , hoardings , boards were used to make awareness of any business or product is taken over by DIGITAL MARKETING 

Digital Marketing includes online and electronic ways to attract clients , creating brand and product awareness 

Now , with this you might have got the idea about Digital Marketing . 

Over the years , there are also many opportunities on internet to earn online and make an online business 

we will also cover  how it is helpful for you ! stay connected 

 Fundamentals of digital marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing include many aspects .

These aspects whole give rise to Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing includes – 

  1. SEO 
  2. PPC
  3. Email Marketing 
  4. Content Marketing 
  5. Affiliate Marketing 


SEO is Search Engine Optimization 

It can also be defined as Optimizing any webpage or website to rank as top results in search queries 

SEO provides the tactics to rank your content to show up first as result when someone searches 

For example – You searched for query “ Best laptops under 50000“ on google 


You got these search results on google .

The top results you get after ads have used SEO to be on top of search results .

So , see how much traffic these results would get as they are ranking number 1 on this keyword.

SEO can help you to rank any website or your blog which is about your business and have tens of millions of traffic .

This will help you to make your business profitable with lots of new clients per month 

SEO is of three types – 

ON page SEO – Optimization to be done on webpage and website itself so to make it eligible to rank .

Off Page SEO – Off page is getting linked by different websites already present on web and have some authority .

Technical SEO – Technical SEO is optimizing the website’s speed and loading time 


PPC is expanded as Pay per click 

This is a type of paid advertisements where advertisers pay some amount per clicks on their ads .

When a visitor clicks the ad the advertisers has to pay .

PPC can also be said as a way to buy visitors 

PPC needs investment but can make business profitable 

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is marketing through E-mails .

This is really a good marketing method which is even free of cost 

E-mail marketing can be used for creating product or brand awareness , offering services and promoting content 

But using E- mail Marketing for selling products is the best method .

E- mail marketing requires some tools which can help you to Gather E-mails , Sending bulk E-mail messages , Creating funnels 

Email Maketing Strategy 

Suppose you have to sell an e book through E-mail marketing 

Firstly you need to have the product which you want to sell and a free product to give in order to get Email . 

Now , you need a traffic source to get more and more customers 

You can get traffic from your Blog , Youtube channel , Social Media 

Now you have to direct traffic to a landing page where you will give the free product and collect E-mails of the interested visitors 

After you have collected the Email contacts , now start helping them by sending Email messages .

You have to give value to customers which can be in the form of some information or Solution 

After sending them Emails of value now start pitching them for you paid ebook and tell its advantages .

Definitely the audience would convert and become your customers .

And now you can sell any product online .

Content marketing 

Content marketing is marketing through content 

Content can be in the form of Blog , Websites , Ebooks , Messages etc 

Content marketing is also known as best way of marketing as you can get unlimited traffic by just writing content 

Content marketing is also popular to sell and promote products and services 

That’s why some of the big companies have their own blogs where they do content marketing of their services or products .

Through content marketing you can have unlimited traffic through Search engines also if your blog or page ranks 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing which is best to promote new products 

Affiliate Marketing is taking help of various affiliate marketers to promote and sell your product .

If you are a product manufacturer you can sign up at big affiliate networks called JVzoo , Clickbank  where Marketers will promote and sell your products online and you have to pay them commissions per sold product .

If you want to become an affiliate marketer and earn check out – 

What is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from affiliate marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is also a best way to monetize your blog or website and become an affiliate Marketer .

How Digital Marketing can help you ?

Digital Marketing has helped thousands of small business to grow in last few years 

Due to increasing digitalization , approximately 60 % of total population of world is an active user of internet .

Digital marketing has taken over Traditional marketing because of these points – 

  • Digital users have increased to approximately 4% from 2005 – 2019 
  • Digital marketing is easy as compared to traditional marketing and has high rate on investment 
  • Digital Marketing can be easy managed and can be measured .
  • Digital Marketing in Online .

Moreover ,  Global digital and alternative media revenues grew an estimated 11.6% in 2018, amounting to $496.08 billion in total.

Digital Marketing industry is growing over and over and going to touch $330-340 billion in 2020 .

So if you are a Business owner , Start getting digitalized and take your business online .

Make a website of your business and use Digital Marketing to grow your business in online world .

Or , You make a career in Digital Marketing  Industry and you can earn good incomes .

Digital Marketing jobs have reported good incomes .

But before getting into Digital Marketing you have to learn about it 

So , here we have suggested some of the best Digital Marketing courses 

Best Digital Marketing courses in 2020 

Here are the best free Digital Marketing courses to learn and implement Digital Marketing –

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing includes the basics of Digital Marketing google 

This free course provides 26 modules by experts from Google 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing also gives free certification after completing the course and taking tests .

This certification can improve your CV .

This course includes – 

  • Build your online presence 
  • Get recognized by search 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Spread your business globally 

Free Digital Marketing course – Semrush Academy 

SEMrush is one of the top SEO tools 

SEMrush is known for researching competitor’s links and keywords for SEO 

SEMrush also has an academy to help beginners learn Digital Marketing called SEMrush academy 

This academy provides free online courses with certification 

SEMrush academy provide courses on various topics – 

  • SEO 
  • Content Marketing 
  • PPC
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Competitive Research 

Free Digital Courses – Hubspot resources 

Hubspot is also one of the top Digital Marketing blog in online world 

Hubspot helps online beginners to get in digital marketing by learning from Hubspot academy 

There are various courses present on Hubspot academy like 

  • Advertising 
  • Sales 
  • Blogging 
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead generation 
  • SEO 

If you want to start in online world and make your online presence you can learn Digital Marketing with these free courses on internet .