5 SEO tools to use in 2021

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SEO is the form of online marketing that every business is going after today. When we compare it to all other digital marketing services, SEO stands out as one of the most unique and effective marketing measures. Therefore, in this article, we will look at what SEO is and also look at some tools which we can use to boost our SEO works and get better results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the marketing method by which an entire website’s visibility will increase as it will help the sites rank better in the search engine results. The ultimate goal of all SEO campaign is to rank the websites higher in the SERPs. By performing SEO, our sites won’t just get more visibility but will reach out to the most relevant people. In addition, this practice will also increase the website traffic and will get the organic traffic that we all are after.

Similarly, it’s from SEO that we can get quality traffic rather than just random visitors. Similarly, we should know that SEO is a vast spectrum that includes a lot of different works and requires a lot of patience as well. In addition, it can be further categorized as On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO. All the different SEO works have their own importance. So by implementing them together, we’ll get the desired outcomes.

Importance of SEO

Today, SEO has become a big thing. With the competition ever-growing in the online marketplace, SEO has become the most reliable and effective tool to help a brand become established online. The benefits that come with performing SEO for a website is also endless.

Unlike most digital marketing services, SEO gets organic traffic while in most other forms of digital marketing we pay for the traffic. Therefore, with SEO, we basically won’t have to spend any money on ad-spaces and paying other parties to reach and brand visibility. So, SEO is affordable, will get you best ROIs over the long term, and expands reach and awareness exponentially.

SEO tools to use in 2021

There are several SEO tools that we can use to get better performance from our SEO campaigns. Similarly, with the help of these SEO tools, we can even carry out necessary changes and make the campaigns more effective and result oriented. Here are some of the most popular and effective tools that you can use for better SEO results.

Google Analytics

Clearly, Google Analytics is the most famous as well as important tools for most digital marketing methods. Similarly, for SEO too, Google Analytics is seen as an indispensable part that cannot be missed out on by anyone performing SEO. Other tools and sources cannot provide accurate and amount of high-quality insights that can be got from Google Analytics.

Every tiny detail, including site visits, traffic source, and all other demographics can be retrieved from it. From looking at the data and we can know out what’s working and what’s not. Also, other SEO tools seem to piggyback off it too. So, in today’s Google dominated era, Google Analytics tools is a must for all.


This one is the comprehensive SEO tool that keeps marketers updated on all the technical things related to optimization of their website. Everything from keyword research to technical stuff like auditing, reporting, and others, can be done by using SEMrush. In addition, we can also create, manage, and update campaigns with the help of this efficient tool. Therefore, SEMrush is the tool all people performing SEO should try out as it definitely makes the work easier.


This tool is the one that works with the Chrome browser. In addition, MozBar is something that is alluring to marketers. This is because it gives access to all the stats that are present on the webpages and SERPs. Similarly, website owners and marketers can now view the Domain Authority and other scores of not just their websites but any other site. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective SEO tool, MozBar is definitely one worth looking at.


UberSuggest can simply be defined as a keyword research tool. It helps to scrape the data from Google Keyword planner and gives relevant ideas based on it. In addition, search volume, competition level, CPC, etc. and all other relevant data can also be got using UberSuggest. Above all, it even allows marketers to filter out the keywords that are irrelevant, making this an effective and popular tool.

Mobile-Friendly Test

In today’s context, mobiles devices are the ones people are using more and more. So it is a must that a website is a mobile-friendly as well. Similarly, search engines like Google have placed a lot of emphasis on the device friendliness of a site while they crawl it. So, using this tool, we can simply check compatibly with our website is in various devices. Above all, it’s simple to use as we can just insert the URL and get the results.