Uses of Plaster of Paris in various activities

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Plaster of Paris, the word plaster comes from Paris city where gypsum found. It is a white color powder made up of gypsum. It is used for coating walls and ceilings. The white color powder mixed with water to form a thick consistency when dried. It is of 3 types; gypsum, lime, and cement. It provides various benefits like durability, easy to spread, fire-resistant, etc.

We all have heard this term either from our family members or from the painter because we know it is used for building purposes. But, one does not know about their multiple uses. Let’s study to make a better understanding ofthe Plaster of Paris-

The various uses of plaster of Paris are-

  1. Constructing monuments-Pop is used for the construction of historical monuments and structures. It is a very good fire-resistant material.
  2. Pop idols- It’s been so many years, idols installed in pandals are made up of Plaster of Paris. On a very special occasion like during Ganesh Chaturthi, people tend to have idols of Ganesh murti at their home. Thus, pop is used in temples, for special occasions, etc.
  3. Fracture- In a medical department, Pop Plaster of Paris is used to support the fractured bones. The plaster of casts put around the fractured bones to heel.
  4. House walls- To give a smooth and finish touch to the building, Plaster of Paris is used first before applying paint on the walls. It provides a smooth and attractive texture to one home. Thus, it is used as a protective coat on the walls and ceilings.
  5. Wood and metal structures- You can also make beautiful sceneries with the help of the Plaster of Paris. Pop is used on wood and metal structures to avoid fire accidents and is known as fire-resistant material.
  6. A mold of teeth- No one else better understands this point other than a person with braces. The size of the teeth is taken on the mold of the Plaster of Paris. Thus, the Plaster of Paris is also used in the molding of the teeth.
  7. For making toys- Who love to decorate their houses? Almost everyone. Right! The Pop material could be seen in many houses as a showcase or in the form of a toy. The Plaster of Paris is used in making toys and attractive decorative items for kids.
  8. Fresco painting- Plaster is also used in making fresco paintings. The benefit of using plaster is that it does not get shrink in the water.
  9. Jars and pots- In earlier times, when people love to do activities at home. They utilize their time productively in making jars and pots of Plaster of Paris.
  10. Crafts- Plaster of Paris is also used in crafts to make attractive flowers, candle holders. Other than this, molds of different shapes are also available. The liquid Pop is put inside to use it as a decorative item.

Lastly, the Plaster of Paris can be used for many purposes because it is lightweight and durable. The Plaster of Paris manufacturers provide good quality gypsum that enhancesthe performance of strength and bonding.