Here Is the New Normal for Real Estate Agents

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Every industry has suffered numerous issues resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The extent is significant in some industries including real estate than others. Surviving the difficult times requires facing the problem head-on and coming up with ways to keep doing business safely. Real estate agents have to come to terms with the new normal without putting their operations on hold. Here are some insights on the new normal for real estate agents. 

Real Estate amidthe Coronavirus Outbreak 

Only essential services are thriving during the pandemic. Well, the services of real estate agents are always on demand. The coronavirus outbreak has significantly affected various industries including real estate on various levels. Real estate agents are always necessary regardless of the current situation. People never stop looking to buy or sell homes 

The problems brought by COVID-19 in the real estate industry are manageable with solutions to allow realtors to stay in business and successful. One of the best ways to adjust to the new normal is to harness technological innovations and becoming more knowledgeable. The use of various approaches highlighted below is the best way to stay in business amid these difficult times. 

Investing In a Quality Realtor Website

There is no better time to keep designers of top real estate agent websites busy than now. Every real estate agent needs a website today especially since more people are spending time online. People looking to buy property are safer when checking out listings on a website that going out on a physical tour. The ideal real estate website needs a comprehensive SEO strategy for lead capture and business management. Most of the people spending time online today use smartphones, so the website needs mobile responsiveness. 

Replacing Physical Inspection with Virtual Shows

Advancement in technology has made the impossible to become possible. This makes business go on especially during trying times like these. With limited interaction with clients requiring the use of protective equipment and social distancing, virtual shows are much safer. Harnessing the potential of technology is easier and maintains safety regulations to curb the spread of coronavirus. Clients can view properties they are interested in without setting foot outside. This allows property inspections to go on while keeping everyone safe.

Connecting With Clients through Video Calling Apps

Today, many potential customers prefer not to visit the realtor’s office. Luckily, the use of video calling apps allows gathering vital information, asking questions, and agreeing on terms with clients. The use of apps like Skype and Zoom is more convenient and safer. Realtors can easily hold conversations with current and prospective buyers without exposure to the coronavirus or burning gas.  

The efficient use of video calling apps allows real estate agents to help clients discover properties that meet their expectations. There is no need for the clients to visit the property for a physical inspection. Clients are safe while saving time and money talking to their real estate agents through video calls. This innovativeness is the new normal to keep doing business regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Attending Various Webinars 

Learning never stops including for real estate agents. Another new normal is attending a host of webinars to gain vital industry knowledge. Surviving these difficult times requires keeping abreast of safety guidelines and industry changes. This allows keeping safe and beating the competition. Mastering this requires being knowledgeable about how technology helps in real estate including virtual staging. 

Through webinars, there is an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge about essential real estate features in the new world including:

  • DocuSign
  • Electronic signings
  • Matterport 3D home tours
  • FedEx’d documents
  • Dotloop transaction management

Understanding these is very helpful in the current situation and in years to come. There is an introduction to major changes to make in the industry required improvements for business to thrive in the post-pandemic world. The webinars also allow sharing experiences, discussing strategies, and brainstorming survival ideas to help cope with the current situation. 

Need for Emotional support

Social distancing is essential to beat the pandemic. Therefore, there is limited interaction with families and clients. Physical distancing is a major cause of stress especially to real estate agents under pressure to keep business going. Additionally, the pressure to satisfy personal, business, and clients’ needs amid a pandemic also calls for emotional support. 

Staying in touch with family, friends, staff, and clients is very important. This allows for sharing the latest information, ideas, safety measures, and industry best practices. With this, real estate agents can protect themselves and clients for business to thrive. Keeping abreast of industry changes is the best way for real estate agents to adjust to the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus has changed doing business today. Real estate agents now rely on websites, virtual tours, and video calling apps to make sales. Equally important is the need to become more knowledgeable about industry trends through webinars and access to emotional support.