Unique Photo Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones

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Are you looking to amaze your partner or loved one with precious gifts? You have landed on the correct page. If there is any special purpose like a wedding anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day or any other day when you want to please someone with a gift then photographic prints are always on the top. 

No doubt, spending a lot of money and buying a lavish gift for someone can make him/her happy but it can’t be compared with gifting priceless memories through some of the amazing photos that are present uniquely and creatively that evokes unforgettable happy feelings. 

To help you out, we have compiled a list of amazing photo gift ideas that are always in budget and can convert any occasion into a special one. 

  • Photo Books 

Photo Books are the most trendy and in-demand gift. Photobook is a type of photo album which you can create online. You just need to select a size and paper type and you are ready to customize the pictures as per your interest. Upload photos that you want in your photo book and then select background, text, cliparts, farmers, and several other things to make the picture more beautiful. The price depends completely on your budget and the quality you want. If you are opting for a professional seller then you will surely get a range of choices for sizes, photo covers, and papers. Gifting a photo book is always beneficial as you can swap or change the pictures any time you want. Plus you can also add content in this that can enhance the beauty of each picture with a particular theme. It is recommended to come with a concept before designing photo books for someone special. 

  • Custom photo prints on different material 

Custom photo prints provide you a range of choices to choose from. You are no more limited to print the pictures on paper only. Have a look at some of the different ideas for printing photos – 

Guitar cases

If the person whom you want to gift is fond of playing guitar then a photo print on guitar case proves a more valuable gift for him and the smile it will bring on his face is always priceless. If not guitar then you can print his favorite pic on any instrument such as violins, drum cases, trombone. 


The use of wood pallets is becoming increasingly popular. It is a unique and beautiful personalized gift for any occasion. Also, it can give a rustic and royal look to any house. A variety of shapes and sizes are available for printing, go for one which suits you the best. 

Phone Cases 

Printing on phone cases is most common nowadays and can also bring happiness to any face. Make sure you are printing a phone case from a renowned business as it will look after the most expensive gadget. Not only will this protect the one but will also keep the memories fresh in mind and always remind them about you. It has one more benefit, in case the person drops his or her phone somewhere people can easily recognize him with the help of a photo printed on the back cover. 

Laptop cover 

If there is someone who spends more time with his laptop then gifting a laptop cover with a personalized photo makes him happy and also he will always recall you for this precious gift. If the person is living away from his family and is always busy with some work then give him a laptop cover with a lovely family picture. Trust me, nothing can beat this gift. Try it out and do let me know. 

  • Memory Game 

One of my favorite and best for the couple who has kids or you can plan it for your kid too. This gift also helps in the growth of the kid and keeps them away from electronic devices. Collect photographs of the family, foods, pets, and get them printed in a game format and then ask the little one to identify. By seeing pictures, he will try to speak the names of at least some words. After completing the game, you can make him feel proud of himself. 

  • Jigsaw Puzzle

Though gifting puzzle games to a kid is a traditional gift but you can give it a modern touch by transforming it into a photo print puzzle. Yes, the jigsaw puzzle should contain a picture, it may be of that kid or his parents. Also, you can add a family picture in that puzzle but make sure not to keep it difficult for the kid else he will not love to play with this. Not only for kids but you can also plan this gift for a new mother who loves to solve puzzles. Surprise your partner with this gift, let her complete the puzzle, and then notice the expressions on her face. I bet you would rarely see that expression again. 

  • Personalized Photo Calendar

Turn out the boring calendars into interesting ones. Create your personalized photo calendar and then you won’t need any other photo frame for that wall or your desk. Also, this is a fun way to give some priceless memories to your friends. If you have a group of three or four friends then this idea is super cool. Plan a desk calendar with 12 fun photos of your gang that reminds you of some of the special moments of your life.

You can also plan the pictures according to months. Not only for friends but also your partner this could be a perfect gift. Recall your lovely and romantic moments of each month and date with a personalized wall or desk calendar. As this is the personalized calendar, you can highlight your special dates also. Make sure to print high-quality pictures so that you can keep this for years. 

I hope you liked the above unique ideas. Go on and try any of the above options and get ready to bring a special smile on the face of your loved one.