Types of Stripe Shirts

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Stripes put the meaning in the garment just like the garnishing of any food item. As you very well know that presentation is everything, if there is no good finishing on the fabric you are wearing then even the good quality can’t make you look charming. Therefore, you need to have a basic know-how of a better quality shirt. Knowledge is power, and this very principle applies everywhere. The Cress has got stripe shirts in extreme varieties and there are always high chances that you would end up showing interest in at least one of them. There are just many kinds of stripe shirts that we deal with, and we can also customize your special demand, but in that case, we would need to know exactly what you want. Few are as follows:

  1. Candy Stripes: These stripes are about 1-8 inches from each other and the person who wears it looks like a real gentle guy. But these are rather less popular because you can wear them till a certain age only otherwise it will make you look odd. 
  2. Multicolor Stripes: Frantically speaking, if colors are not a barrier for you then you may as well opt to wear multi-color stripes which will surely give you a decent look.
  3. Chevron Stripes: These stripes are somewhat in zig-zag form, they have the quality of making you look taller or shorter depending on their type whether they are horizontal or vertical. 
  4. Serpentine Stripes: These stripes cannot be counted among your formal wear, because they are solely made for party wear. It may give the wavy feeling to you and the ones who look at you.
  5. Pinstripes: These stripes are the most common ones, and you can usually see people wearing these as their formal attire. 

There are countless brands local and international who are always busy in making the best stripe shirts for you. You need to know which one goes fine with you, you cannot claim a particular brand does not produce good-quality shirts as it may be possible that someone else’s choices go with that brand and yours goes with the one you have been trying out since ages. Our simple suggestion to you would be to just don’t get stuck for one, you need to keep exploring your new tastes and you don’t have any idea what lies in the next one. It is indeed a bad practice to stop searching and compromising on one when you have got thousands of other choices out there in the market. Because like seasons the needs of your body also chance and so does your personality traits, if human nature is constantly changing then you should also keep switching between the brands and then make your final verdict. It is easy to say things you hear from people, but when you see it for yourself then your perspective might change. You have to keep trying until you find your best taste, and even when you find one just go for another quest. Once you choose the best of your personality and wear the stripes that exactly go with your body type, then it won’t take long for you to make your mark anywhere you go, as stripe shirts are that much impactful. 

Most of the time the designs of stripes are devised by ‘The Cress’ designers and this is done by closely observing the contemporary trends. We always choose the top-quality fabric for the manufacturing of shirts and in most cases try to avoid the waste of fabric as our engineers and workers know exactly how much length of cloth is to be taken and worked upon. By following the simple guidelines even the extra labor work is reduced and lesser energy is consumed for a better output. And the workers don’t find themselves in a stressful mode because they are aware of how much they have to work and just when to stop. This all has become possible because of our technical staff who has given expert guidelines to the guys who work on the shirts and operate them on the machines. When the shirt is ready then we put it on the sell immediately because we are confident enough that our end-product complies with the needs of today, and always a good chance of public liking it by all thick and thin. You may get special discounts if you purchase multiple products or even a single product if you become a regular buyer. All shirts we offer are extremely comfortable to wear and you can feel it too when you try it yourself. Good things do come with a price, but we tend to keep this factor within the reach of everyone and do not add any additional charges so you don’t have to compromise on your likes and continue to invest in yourself to outshine everyone.