How to Make Cardboard Pillow Boxes?

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When you try to think about the packaging that is best among all, the only thing that pops up in mind is custom pillow boxes. It is a packaging that is getting popular each day pass. It helps the brand to attract customers on a large scale. The brand owner has an idea; they are not the only ones making products. So, the only way they can impress customers is with unique packaging. The pillow packaging comes in all sizes. If you think it is only used to pack the pillow, then change your mind because it isn’t. Also, you can get the option to pick any material for the making of these boxes.

Many think that pillow boxes are not durable and will collapse soon. But if you get the right size box and pack it well, then there is no chance of it. The cardboard material that is used for the making is also nature friendly. Because of that, you able to get the material at a reasonable price. You can even use the box for quite some time. If you need this box on an urgent basis and don’t have time to contact the company, you can make it on your own. The process is quite simple and easy to understand. You don’t need anyone’s help in it.

How to Make Cardboard Pillow

Find the template 

You may think that buying material is the first step, but before that, it is important to find the template of the box. It comes in various sizes, so get yourself sure which one is perfect for you. It is the process that takes more time than any other. So, keep it on the top of the list.

Find the material

Once you find the template, then it is time to look for the material. The cardboard is easily available from many shapes. But you have to make sure that you are getting the right size and quality one. While buying you may think, there is nothing to worry about because it is not expensive, but still, money which you are spending is earned by you after a lot of hard work. Ask the shopkeeper about the types of cardboard. For the pillow boxes, you need the thin one.

Buy other important tools.

The tools are basic, and you mainly find them at home. But still, it is better to include them in the list of yours. In this way, you will know whether you have to buy them or not. Good quality tape and glue, sharp scissors or cutter if you like it better.

Pick the design for the box.

If you want to leave the pillow box in natural color, then there is no need to pick any design. But still, it is better if you print something on it, like the occasion. But if you want to add some colors, then find the design on the internet. Combine the template and the design and get print of it on the cardboard.

Material for the box, design, and finding a template is the job of the RSF Packaging when you hire them. They don’t need the tools, as they use machines to get proper finishing and the same size box after cutting. But they will never deliver you assemble boxes. You have to assemble them on your own. So, it is better if you look for the tutorial. 

Once the box is assembled, you can add some extra layer of beauty by wrapping the ribbon around the box. It is a perfect touch when you are packing someone’s gift. You don’t have to spend a lot on this addition, so don’t worry.