Top Phone Covers To Pick To Satisfy The College Swag

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College life means the accumulation of pleasurable memorable moments that you wish to cherish more often. A few things are never-to-be-forgotten, and whatever the non-sense stuff you have done inside the college campus together with friends is the reason you are smiling now looking back at them as you read this. But if you are still in your college days, you have ample time to add on to these golden moments. 

To celebrate these momentous hours, capturing them in videos and frames make sense. That’s where you need a smartphone for the same.  If you plan to splash out some amount on purchasing the latest Redmi Note 7 Pro, then investing a few more bucks extra on a good phone cover shouldn’t sound like a big deal. Especially when the thumping-great range of designer covers is available in the queue. Have a look at a few quirky options that you can buy- 

“Headphone Jack” Mobile Cover

Nothing can suffice your evil attire better than something which compliments your wacky style. Hence, you can spot that quirkiness in this Redmi Note 7 Pro Case that while staying with you for all time will always remind you and others of who you are. The headphone jack figure with a dark touch makes it ‘an extremely unique’ item.

“Jaake Puch Mere Baare Mein”

You love to be dynamic; your swag spreads like a breeze throughout the college, and compromising with your fashion may directly affect your dominant looks. So you can’t ignore this dashing mobile cover, which embellishes your entire outfit with perfection and lets you burst your ‘cool dude’ attitude impressively.

“Wink New” Mobile Cover

A smart guy can’t refuse this expression that you’ll get in this wink new mobile cover. Undoubtedly, this cover’s simplicity makes it more dynamic and  unique compared to its counterparts. Especially if you’re a guy who dislikes ‘too much fuss,’ maybe this item will better suit your style.

“Bad Choices Make Good Stories” Mobile Cover

What do you think about this simple tagline that defines the reality of life? If you are a mindful guy who looks at the world with a distinct view and always loves to stay transparent with thoughts, then this Redmi Note 7 Pro Case is enough to define your humor in an iconic way. 

“Superman Logo Line” Mobile Cover

You can’t forget that superhero who once taught you how to be stronger in life. If you love spotting all those little things that pervasively mention, “this belongs to the Superman,” this mobile cover is unquestionably made. The design and the entire pattern are clear but more descriptive.  

“Dekhte Hi Rahoge” Mobile Cover

A desi guy has its style of revealing his feelings. Their jovial nature makes them a favorite personality among all, and you might be the same guy if you love this mobile cover. Next time, whenever you’ll ask for someone’s number- a special one- show them the backside of your phone, and they’ll understand.

“Star Wars Retro” Mobile Cover 

Your whopping curiosity will force you to get this mobile cover in one-shot if you are a game lover. Like, if you are a die-hard fan of star wars retro or you love the similar kinds of games, then no wonder, you should never let your inquisitiveness settle; indeed, you should let it out and decide for you.

These mobile covers would have won your heart, right! So what are you waiting for? Visit and find an assortment of stylish phone covers in one place.