Significance of Access Control for Visitor Management system

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When we talk about access control, we can refer to an access control system or also to one of employee access control.

What is the difference?

The access control system by definition is an electronic system, which is responsible for restricting access to a user over a specific area, for which the user needs to identify him.

An employee access control system regularly is a system that controls employees’ daily work that is, it records data such as the time of their entry and exit, hours worked, etc.

In this article we will talk about the first type, an access control system that helps control the entry and exit of users outside the facilities of a company.

Types of Access Control

Access Control with Log:

This type of access control is the most insecure and traditional that exists, consists of having a logbook, where the user will register their personal data with their handwriting. It is a little recommended control, since the user can alter the information. The only advantage is that the cost is minimal.

Control of Visits in Excel:

The main disadvantage of using excel is the low security. Documents can be opened and viewed by anyone. What are worse, other users can edit the file without a record of the person who edited it.

Biometric Access Control System:

This visitor check in software uses the unique features of people as a recognition method, for example fingerprint, retina, or facial recognition, its most frequent use is to record the hours of entry and exit of employees. The main advantage is that these characteristics that they use as a recognition method are non-transferable, so they give reliability to the system, however this method does not work for users outside the facilities, that is, and it cannot be used as a control system access for visitors. The price of biometric access control varies from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 pesos.

Access Control System with App (iPad) :

This is the most efficient and benefits type of electric visitor tracking, since there are applications that even offer you free packages. This access control model, allows you to streamline the entry of guests to your facilities, offers real-time information and protected in the cloud, also provides a serious corporate image.

Proximity Access Control System:

It allows access through identification cards, its operation is very basic, it is enough to bring the card closer to the reading sensor, so that it allows access to the facilities, when this method is used as access control for visitors, it can generate slowness in the lobby, as visitors must register with the receptionist before receiving the access card.

Advantages of the Access Control System:

Now that we know the types of access control, it is important to remember the advantages of having a system instead of a simple paper log.

  • Improve security
  • Generate a database
  • Record time decreases
  • Corporate image

Depending on the needs of the company, the company must select the best access control system, since the security of its facilities depends on it.