Top 5 Advantages of Microsoft Office Certification in 2020

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MS Office or Microsoft Office is one of the most popularly used suites of productivity tools in the business world. In fact, it’s so vital that understanding it is a necessity upon obtaining employment at some companies.

In the corporate world, it has its own ubiquity, becoming Microsoft Office certified is one way you can stand out from the crowd and prove your level of proficiency.

Microsoft offers three levels of Office certification. If we talk about at the Specialist and Expert levels of certification, one can get certified in a specific Office application, such as Word or Excel, which involves a single exam. Or you can become a Microsoft Office Master bypassing multiple exams.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2020 exams are performance-based, which gauges the ability to perform real-world tasks similar to the projects you would encounter in your daily work.

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Steps to Practice and Prepare for Your Microsoft Office Certification Exam:

  • The initial step one should take to prepare for your MOS certification exam is to get familiar with the exam objectives. 
  • Use practice tests to better prepare for the exam and learn more about how it’s structured.
  • Use the MOS Study Guide, it is designed to help readers practice and prepare for the skills and knowledge measured by the MOS certification exams. 
  • The guide (link mentioned below) include exam objectives, hands-on tasks for your practice, and downloadable practice tests. 
  • Getting a MOS certification is well worth the effort, and it can add value not only to your admin career but also it has the potential to increase your paycheck, too! 

Here are the advantages of Microsoft Office Certification in 2020:

Establishes fluency 

It is said for a geek that he becomes geek only by having fluency through it. Microsoft credential establishes your groundwork on using MS Office fluently whether it is MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, or MS Excel. The thorough understanding of Microsoft programs is showcased with Microsoft Office certification and you can build a strong base in IT for career prospects. This can help you in many areas and will provide you better career prospects.

Expert in chart builder 

Having a fluency with Microsoft programs, this always results in an expert chart builder. If you know how to create charts then it is ideally considered to be a job for finance professionals and business analysts. But if you have look then you will be found that almost all jobs at some point in time demand this skill. Just to support any sort of data and source, you need to rely on charts. Also, charts are an important element in presentations that you come across now and then in your professional career.

Enhances the ability to collate data together

If someone asks you what is data in the present scenario. then obviously the answer will be Data in today’s world means something. One needs enough data to put forward, to support his view or idea. In such a circumstance, MS Excel is considered as one of the best programs to trust. The Microsoft Office application can be used for general formatting and data collation. One of the benefits is that one can bring different files together and sort data.

Provides  flexibility of work

Microsoft program is accessible online is a generation next great thing. One can share his work with business leaders and stakeholders through online from anywhere. This feature makes work more resilient and your capacity to function MS programs easily makes you a luminary leader at work. In this way, Microsoft Office provides more flexibility.

Greater career prospects

As we have seen from the above points that besides making your office work easy and effective, Microsoft Office certification also opens up greater career prospects for you. You can verify for challenging leadership and analytical roles with your MS credential. Also, you can demand a salary hike and better positions with your expertise to fluently use the Microsoft program towards better business and success. In most of the situation, this credential is a must to get a better career.

These are a few of the benefits that Microsoft Certification offers you. The organizations need skilled Microsoft Office professionals to improve efficiency and enhance their business. Becoming a Microsoft Office professional provides various benefits such as enhanced career growth, better salary, better job opportunities, upgrade to new technologies. uCertify offers a comprehensive Microsoft Word 2019 the study guide that will help you learn and understand topics deeply and thoroughly. The course will teach you about Microsoft Office concepts such as fundamentals, formatting, document setup, managing documents, and many more. It provides skills that will help you deal with Microsoft Office.