How to Choose the Black Lives T-Shirt?

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In recent days, there is a huge protest going on for “black lives matter”. And for that some of the manufacturing companies have come up with the innovative trend, which is all about the customized t-shirt for this movement. Not just the manufacturing company is coming up with the t-shirt ideas but there are lots of people who are also buying these t-shirts to support this movement. Basically, this is one of the innovative ways to support this big issue and along with that it is also a stylish way to showcase your assistance towards this movement.

Almost everyone loves to wear the trending t-shirts and it makes them extremely stylish at the same time too. But whenever you are going to choose the most excellent t-shirt from HBCU Apparel, you will have to ensure that you choose the right one by considering a few things.


The best fabric for t-shirts is cotton. You can easily purchase the very affordable shirts made of cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber and that makes a t-shirt made of cotton “breathe.” Cotton is very comfy and cool and is very soft to your skin. You would not want to wear something too rigid and scratchy for sure. After all, you wear t-shirts to be comfortable and relaxed.


When you are going to buy the best kind of t-shirt with Black Lives Matter slogan, you also need to choose the necklines of these t-shirts for sure. You might think that t-shirts with some of the different necklines will look absolutely similar when worn. That is a wrong notion. T-shirts come with various types of necklines such as scoop or boat neck, V-neck or plunging, and round necklines. In fact, hbcu is also offering plenty of different necklines to their customers so that they can choose the best one.

Basically, you need to select the one, which is correct for your body type. If you have a broad shoulder, then steer clear from boat or scoop necks because they will only make your shoulders look wider. Try to select the rounded necklines that close around your collarbone or neck.


Whenever you are considering choosing the t-shirt, one of the very important things to consider is the shrinkage factor. Make sure that you check if the fabric will shrink in size or will become loose after several washes. It is one of the most basic kind factors while choosing the t-shirts. You can check this by just touching or just by looking at the t-shirt. But if you do not have much idea about it, then you can ask to an expert regarding the fabric or shrinkage.


Cheap t-shirts in various lengths have become extremely famous in different years or decades. Several years ago, hanging t-shirts became quite famous but these days, extra long t-shirts are the “in” thing. So, while going to choose the best and trending t-shirt with the slogan of black lives matter make sure that you check the length.

HBCU T-shirts from Support Black Colleges can be the best option for you that is spreading awareness of black people community.