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No money to travel? No problem, with the top 10 best movies to inspire travel. No need for airfare or to book Delta Airlines Flights with the greatest ever list of inspiring, sometimes crazy, often dangerous, heart-warming, and occasionally sad films that transport you around this fantastic planet

1.A Map for Saturday (2007): 

  • A MAP FOR SATURDAY – An unsuspecting masterpiece. A real travel documentary is portraying the solo backpacking community and one young man’s new life of living out of a backpack for a year. Brook Silva-Braga turns his back on the American dream, quitting his high profile New York media job to take off on the trip of a lifetime, fulfilling what I suspect was the Silva-Braga dream. The year tirelessly documented on video. Movie shot with a beautifully unique perspective, a genuine realness. The narrative takes stock of the good and bad concerning life on the road. As well as the point of view from a full spectrum of fellow travelers. A fascinating array of diverse characters Silva-Braga interviews along the way share a common theme, even though they may come from a different place, they now share the same path, the medium of travel and adventure.  There are the goodbyes, and teary farewells heightened love affairs, broken down cultural stereotypes, and varying reasons discussed as to why one would choose to leave the comforts of home, break the routine predictability of everyday life & go off voyaging around the globe indefinitely. A raw, well crafted, and formerly beautiful creation.

2.The Hangover 2 (2011):

  • HANGOVER 2 – One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster. The wolfpack returns, and the adventure is wilder than ever in a night of lost memories deep inside the Thai capital. Monkeys, missing digits, and a Mike Tyson face tattoo. A hugely entertaining, shocking, and marshmallow fuelled thrill ride. In typical that fashion, there’s a happy ending.

3.Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013):

  • THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY – Walter Mitty is a dreamer, living a secret life inside his head. His dreaming comes to life when an inevitable lay off at work sends Mitty on an incredible journey around the globe. Striking at the very core of the audience who realize that the limitations in your life don’t have to stop imaginations.

4.Into The Wild (2007):

  • INTO THE WILD – It is based on a true story of Christopher McCandless. The ultimate middle finger to the rat race and the ideals of everyday American life. McCandless abandons everything on the pursuit of happiness as he leaves on a journey to live in the wilds of Alaska.

5.The Bucket List (2007):

  • THE BUCKET LIST – A truly inspirational journey.  Two cancer-stricken terminally ill men walk out of the treatment wards of the hospital & set off to complete the ultimate list of to-do’s before they kick the bucket.

6.The Beach (2005):

  • THE BEACH – Thailand, an island paradise, perfect life beckons. American backpacker Richard is looking for something different when he stumbles upon a map promising the epitome of perfection and the dream beach existence. Paradise is not always what it seems on the surface.

7.UP (2009):

  • UP – A bit of a tear-jerker UP is not only for the children. An inspirational story of the fulfillment of one’s dreams of an overseas adventure. Ideas sometimes involve tying hundreds of helium balloons to your house and flying said home to South America. Complete with fat kid babysitting duties, nasty villains, and best of all, there are talking dogs!

8.In Bruges (2008):

  • IN BRUGES – After an assassination attempt going all sorts of wrong in London, two hitmen head to Bruges in Belgium to the hideout. A seriously dark, humourous, and subtly brilliant film set in the medieval backdrop of historic Bruges. Slow at times before sudden bursts of brutally accelerated aggression carried along with a wickedly powerful, almost hypnotic musical score.  The very best Belgian export…apart from the beer.

9.EuroTrip (2004):

  • EUROTRIP – Yes, I know. Roll your eyes and take a moment to cringe. Okay, Scotty doesn’t know! Four high school grads spend their post-school summer vacation racing around Europe on a search for love. The laughs are top, as is the energy. A movie has a surprisingly genuine warmth and adventurous spirit underlying the sophomoric American Pie.

10.Life of Pi (2012):

  • LIFE OF PI – Lost at sea after a massive shipwreck, Pi is stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. The reflective tale of hope, strength, and courage is a visually spectacular Oscar-winning epic journey—a robust test of a young man’s faith in a struggle for survival and self-discovery.