Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples

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Before attending any webinar, people check out many things and decide whether it is worth attending or not? Among all the things related to the webinar, its invite link is the primary thing that is related to this approach. Invitation email for the webinar must always be simple and approaching. It must comprise of some features such as:

  • A perfect subject line 
  • A title for the webinar with date and time
  • Introduction to your company
  • Knowledge about the webinar
  • Key concepts that will be discussed in the webinar
  • Details on how to register for the webinar
  • Make use of top webinar software to organize your webinar

Apart from creating an invitation, it is essential to compose a good webinar marketing strategy. It includes understanding in advance what is the targeted audience and how to reach it. So, the webinar invitation becomes a crucial part of the success of the webinar. This is because it helps in getting the crowd on the webinar day. So, here are some of the best webinar invitation email examples which you can consider while creating one for your business:

#1. Typecast webinar

This webinar invitation email comprises consistent colours and patterns. It makes the use of lowercase fonts. This represents the small form of the company’s real name. Readers can easily notice the capitalization of each word and this pattern of words proves to be an eye-catching feature and strategy. It not only attracts the attention of the readers but let them check out the whole invitation as well.

#2. Sumo webinar

When it comes to organizing or attending a webinar, it is not the cost that comes to mind first, rather it is the time that most people look for. Attendees usually check out what they will gain if they attend the webinar. So a good webinar email describes the benefits of attending the webinar and lets the attendees know what they are going to gain after the webinar. For instance, including something like “after attending, you will learn various strategies to grow your eCommerce income by at least 50%” will surely increase the attendees for the webinar than last time.

#3. Inbound webinar

Inbound webinar invitation email consists of a humorous GIF about registering for the webinar. People consider it quite interesting and rather than simple, boring, and outdated text, GIF creates humour and fun among the readers. This way of including GIF is the most entertaining way to create a buzz among the readers without distracting them from the original message. 

#4. Litmus webinar

This email invitation type includes the company’s name in the header with a simple and light background. But bold fonts, simple design, and bright: banner make the invitation worth reading. Moreover, the inclusion of pictures along with complete details of the webinar is the main characteristic of this webinar invitation.

#5. WistiaFest

It is not necessary to add the details of the webinar textually, Describing the details of the webinar in the form of an interesting story also helps the invitees to achieve their goals. Telling the story consisting of the required details of the webinar is a clever way to make the readers attend the webinar. Also, it keeps them intact: with the details and does not make them forget the date and time of the webinar.

There are many other email invitation examples also which you can refer to before creating an invitation for your webinar. Just do not forget to keep it simple yet attractive, Focus more on adding as much information related to the webinar as you can. Try to include pictures and a GIF for registration so that attendees feel attracted and register themselves without even thinking twice.