The Best Gifts for Gamers

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Gaming is one of the top favorite hobbies of many people worldwide who prefer to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of video games as entertainment. Nowadays, there are numerous gaming platforms and consoles available. You can even dabble in eSports to compete against other professional gamers and earn huge sums while you’re at it.

As such, gaming is so popular nowadays that you likely know at least one gamer in your life. Finding the perfect gifts for them can be challenging as you have numerous options to explore. However, you can narrow in on some specific presents that are sure to do the trick. Below are some ideas worth considering when gift shopping for your video game enthusiast.

Popular Games

Gamers naturally love their games, so getting them the best ones of the year is an excellent idea worth considering. These will vary based on your gamer’s platform of choice, so it’s necessary to know what console they own before merely buying popular games like Ghost of Tsushima and Call of Duty: Warzone.

For example, The Last of Us Part II is undoubtedly an excellent game that received many awards last year, including the prestigious 2020 Game of the Year prize. However, it would be a true tragedy to purchase this award-winning game for an Xbox owner since the game is exclusive to PlayStation. Since your gamers will be spending most of their time indoors, you can also consider investing in air purifiers to make their gaming experience healthier. Trusted home and kitchen retail brands, such as Vremi, will come in handy when seeking the best air purifiers.

Vremi provides quality, affordable, and user-friendly home and kitchen goods to various clients worldwide. They offer multiple air purifiers to guarantee clean air in your living room and other indoor spaces. Their air purifier for allergies is designed to improve indoor air quality since several pollutants like pet dander, pollen, and even pests like dust mites can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms within living spaces. Vremi’s large room air purifier uses an activated carbon filter and a True HEPA filter for better odor reduction. This product also effectively eliminates germs, tobacco smoke, and other impurities that cause air pollution in homes, making your house more comfortable for allergy sufferers. What’s more, you can change your HEPA filters regularly to maintain excellent air filtration, ensuring that your home is always safe from airborne pollutants.

Gaming Monitor

Gamers and their cohabitants often cross swords over the living room TV, so consider getting your video game enthusiast a dedicated screen, so they can enjoy their games in peace. Thankfully, there are numerous high-resolution monitors you can buy for both console and PC gamers. The best gaming monitors also come with great refresh rates, response times, image quality, and color space, so you can look through several lists of the best gaming monitors to make your final choice. Reliable platforms, such as HotSpawn, can help you select the best monitor for your gamer.

HotSpawn provides eSports gamers, casual players, and fans with the latest information, tools, analysis, and guides to equip them with all they need to know about the exciting world of eSports. Their review of the best gaming monitor of 2021 can help you find the perfect large gaming monitor for your needs. Nowadays, you can select various great monitors with different screen sizes and resolutions, including 1440p, 4K, and 1080p resolutions. You can also consider form factors when choosing your monitor, as ultrawide ones provide a large amount of horizontal workspace, while curved screens fill up your peripheral vision. A monitor like the UltaGear 38GN950 is an overall good pick because it has LG’s Nano IPS display, ensuring a fast 1 MS response time and a 144 Hz refresh rate that can reach 160Hz when overclocked. You can select various other monitors with different refresh rates, including 120Hz, 240Hz, and 60Hz, graphic cards, and other specifications for a more immersive gaming experience.

Game Subscriptions

Due to the COVID-19 situation, millions of people have adopted game subscriptions to help them while away the time. Microsoft offers a Netflix-like video game subscription, allowing you to access a library of over a hundred games containing classics like Halo and new games like Doom Eternal. You can enjoy the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Android and Windows computers too. The PC-only Game Pass plan is also excellent for the PC gamers in your life. Additionally, consider throwing in a CBD gift to accompany your game subscriptions, ensuring that your gamer is truly relaxed during this trying period. Leading cannabis brands, such as the Legion of Bloom, can help with this need.

Legion of Bloom is a team of eco-conscious cultivators that produce cannabis products of the highest quality only. Their award-winning Monarch THC cartridge features pure high THC 3 and triple-refined cannabis oil with strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes. It’s created with pure, blended THC oil derived from naturally grown cannabis with these terpenes to develop vape pens that refine the cannabis experience. Legion of Bloom’s THC carts come in flavors like Cherry AK and Florida Juicy Fruit. What’s more, all their THC cartridges and other products contain no contaminants and additives like vegetable glycerine, ensuring purity and potency of the highest quality.

Gaming Headset

Screenshot 40
gaming headset

Headsets are essential peripherals that guarantee an immersive experience when playing games. Headsets with microphones are also excellent for multiplayer gaming since you can communicate with teammates whether you’re playing on a console or computer. As such, consider investing in a headset with a long-lasting battery and great wireless connection for your gamers during this coronavirus era. Also, consider checking out your horoscopes and learning more about astrological houses during this period to learn about personality traits to make gift giving easier. Reputable experts, such as Ask Astrology, will come in handy for insights on all things astrological.

Ask Astrology is a team of enthusiasts, astrologists, and experts that help you learn more about astrology through articles and answers to various astrology-related questions. Their report on astrology houses enables you to find out more about the Houses of Astrology chart that define the areas of life for humankind. Houses represent areas of your life and have default elements, ruling points, Zodiac signs, and types. The first house is home to your personality, style, temperament, among others, and it’s an ascendant or rising sign. If Scorpio rules this house, then you have a Scorpio Rising or Scorpio ascendant.

Getting gifts for loved ones can be challenging, even if they’re gaming enthusiasts. The above-listed points are some gift ideas you can consider picking as the best presents for the video game enthusiasts you know.