Is There A Fool Proof Method Of Removing Mold and Mildew From A Basement

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When dealing with moisture damage, it’s highly likely that you are or will also be dealing with mold and mildew in that particular area. In cases where moisture problems are not resolved, fungal spores can cultivate as soon as 24 to 48 hours – so read because education is the key for dealing with moisture in your basement.

Why is your basement so damp? Here’s how to find out

Basements are notorious for being one of the most mold growth prone areas of a property. In states like California, specifically the Greater San Francisco Area, basements are far more common than in Texas, so this is a prominent issue on the West Coast.

But why are basements so prone to moisture accumulation? Is it because of their proximity to the ground? Are the foundations sucking up water from the earth? Or is there some other issue that you can resolve quickly?

Signs your plumbing or HVAC system might need maintenance

Most basements are either used as storage for household items, or as logistical spaces where a lot of the plumbing and electrical resides. Sometimes pipes are exposed and not insulated or hidden behind a wall which has the benefit of making them easy to insect.

Drips and plumbing issues occurring in those areas of the system are easy to detect and might be the first to be taken care of. However, if you also have some kind of central heating or cooling system, or an HVAC, you will be dealing with a lot more pipes than usual.

If you walls are damp around the parts of the plumbing installation, chances are they are the cause of condensation, especially common during the winter. Condensation formation is due to the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the pipe – the inside being far colder than the outside, which meets the hotter indoor air.

This condensation will not stay there, but will rather move around and even start migrating to your walls, which is a great spot for mold growth.

Landscaping is causing an issue

The wrong inclination of landscaping around the property might also cause water to pool around the foundation of the house. You need to be especially careful with plants and watering them, move roses and other plant life away from the base of the house and be mindful of the inclination of the lawn itself.

Removing moisture form an area is the most fool proof method of dealing with mold and mildew removal, it does not require chemicals or other types of intervention. An even better long term solutions is contracting – a leading mold and mildew removal company who can help you assess your moisture issues and deal with any existing fungal growths in your basement.