Symbolic Flowers, it’s not all About Flashing the Cash

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If you are from Dubai, or you know somebody that is, then you won’t need any reminders as to how lavish the place is. Of course, there are a lot of holiday makers, and visitors, but, the untold wealth of Dubai, most certainly comes from the very land that Dubai sits on. The barren desert lands certainly aren’t what draws people’s attention from a visual perspective, oddly enough, it’s what lies deep under the sand that gets people going.

Better social networks

As you can imagine, because of the scorching heat, there are many people who go to Dubai, purely to experience just how hot it is. For themselves, they certainly are not looking for a cheap bouquet of flowers in Dubai, as if there was such a thing. Most of the time, though, people are indoors, inside a network of shops, and such like, that provide a crucial escape from the sun, and its UV-rays.

The sun is so harsh, that it can be difficult to actually see anything without the aid of some top-notch sunglasses, and you’ll be very hard pushed to find many living ‘things’ outside for too long. Flowers are a superb example, they have been grown indoors using laboratory conditions in order to encourage the artificial growth of a real flower, by way of imitation.

It stands to reason, that if the sun is so hot, that people tend to spend all their time indoors too, and that the social networks in Dubai are also far above average in terms of their variety and their ability to bring people together, in a reasonably natural way. If you are inside, with others, nearly all the time, then logic normally dictates that you will meet new people, and perhaps even get an invite for dinner, or excursion of some kind.

Probably not something that they were aiming for when they were designing, and building, the community of buildings, however, what a great reward, a community of people comes hand in hand with it. And what do communities need when it comes to special occasions, and saying thank you? Gifts. Now, bear in mind how affluent Dubai is, you’re going to want to be able to give gifts that don’t have anything to do with money, and you don’t need to buy the shop either, sometimes just one is enough.

Not only do people come in their masses, to the malls, shops, activities, and public open spaces, they seem to spend more money than they perhaps might do normally, a rich culture often invites spenders to become more relaxed, and to spend more. It can also encourage people who wouldn’t normally buy anything, to buy something, but what?

The best of the best

Due to the climate in Dubai, as mentioned, it is understandable that there aren’t any flowers, or bushes growing in the normal manner, in fact it’s of some surprise that anything manages to stay alive for any amount of time. Even shoppers can be seen leaving one shop, and running into the next because it’s so hot outside. As such, flowers must be grown indoors, under top quality surveillance, ensuring that they get what they need to be the best flower that they could wish to be, most of which look even better than if they had been grown traditionally.