Self-design theme wordpress with support tools

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The need to design your own WordPress theme with personal style, not touched now is no longer a luxury when WordPress users in the world are increasing and probably the most used blog platform. world. Businesses and individuals have opened many WordPress theme design services and you can easily find a suitable place to ask them to design their own theme, only the price is not cheap when each theme is designed. Specifics range from about $ 300 to $ 1500 depending on its complexity. But hiring someone else to design a WordPress theme also has many inconveniences, such as:

  • There is no 100% guarantee that your theme will be used by someone else, which is probably too common for website design companies.
  • The cost is high, this is obvious.
  • It takes time, because a design process if you want to meet the standards, you must often exchange with the designer to agree on the theme’s standards.
  • 100% likely not at your disposal because you simply did not design it yourself.

So how can you design a WordPress theme yourself?

So beautiful for people who don’t know the theme design? If you’ve ever heard of software or online tools that allow you to design your own website simply by dragging, dropping, and clicking, WordPress also has those tools, which are even better. Introduced in this article. Of course, there is a fee to pay for it, but I highly recommend that you accept paying if you want to use something quality.



This is my first suggestion because I think this is the best choice for those who do not have the basic WordPress theme design knowledge. This tool will help you design your own WordPress theme based on more than 100 different templates. After choosing the template, you just need to edit the color, font, layout, effects .. bla bla …. with just a single mouse click, then access “products” into a theme like normal and you can download it.

To be honest, at present there are almost no tools to help design the theme as well and horribly as this one. In addition to more than 100 professional templates, it also helps you to choose relevant components when designing such as more than 1000 different patterns and icons, supports beautiful slide insertion, using jQuery and Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. , Responsive design, sales page theme design, etc … You can use the free account but the functionality is a bit limited, but if you pay $ 29 then you will be entitled Using all its outstanding features, I assure you it will be well worth the money you spend.

Elegant Drag & Drop Builder

If you have ever loved the elegant and elegant design style in themes released by Elegant Themes, you should not ignore this tool to be able to design WordPress themes of similar style. This tool has the ability to make common objects available in a common theme (header, logo, slide, button, pricing table, etc.) and you can simply drag it to the appropriate locations in the sample layout. Comes in this toolkit. Suitable for those who want to design a luxurious WordPress theme in the fastest time.

For the cost, this tool is included in Elegant’s Membership Developer package, which means you need to pay $ 89 but in return you will have the right to use all their plugins and themes. A price bracket is not bad at all.

 iThemes Builder

As one of the long-standing WordPress premium theme providers, iThemes has been a familiar name to WordPress users and it is always among the best and most diverse theme providers for WordPress. versions 2. However, from version 3 onwards, iThemes has gradually become boring when the structure has nothing outstanding and more and more other names are replaced. So later iThemes decided to develop a theme framework called iBuilder to break through, but not really impressive, but iBuilder can still help non-professionals to design WordPress themes easily by inserting modules (header). , navigation, content area, widget, footer … etc.). In addition, it now has quite a few pretty themes and a neat layout, suitable for websites introducing companies and products.


A name that is rarely heard on e-commerce sites but is also storming the international WordPress community because of its easy-to-use but powerful. With just a drag and drop, Ultimatum will help users to design professional WordPress themes by themselves but save a lot of time, without having to own too much programming or design skills.

Headway Framework

As one of the three well-known WordPress theme frameworks in Vietnam, it has been compared to Thesis and Genesis because of its powerful ability and especially its SEO support ability is not inferior to that of Thesis or Genesis. However, unlike other themes or tools to design your own theme, the first way to use Headway also seems a bit difficult and if you determine that you need a good peach branch theme in a short time, you should not use Headway. .

Talking about the tool to support WordPress theme design, it does not stop with the names I have introduced in this article, but these are the tools I’ve used and seen very well so you can easily easier to choose. But whatever you say, if you want to design a WordPress theme whether it’s simple, complex or supported by any tool, we need to understand the structure of a normal WordPress theme or Better yet, how to write and design a WordPress theme, and in the following article I will mention this issue, give me time.