Security Fencing: Which Is Best For You?

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Installing the security fencing on the boundary of a house, office, playground, schools and colleges, banks, shopping malls, factories, etc has been in practice for many years and is believed to continue till the end of human civilization. However, with the changing time there might be change in their shape, size, and material used for them but they will be used for protecting your property from the unwanted people and animals. Going through this necessity, people get them installed on the boundary wall of their house, offices, and other properties.

What is the best fence for security?

But which fencing is best for my property is one of the daunting questions for most of the property owners, because depending upon the purpose of the buyers different types of security fencings are available in market which can be installed and removed according to the requirement. Below is the brief of various fencings.

  1. Wooden hoarding: This fencing is one of the cost effective fencings which is mainly installed on the construction sites and the properties that are vacant. As the name suggests they are developed from the wooden boards, merged together with concrete post.  It’s worth mentioning feature is that they are capable of bearing pressure and restrict the entrance of intruders. Moving ahead, they can be removed once your project is finished, however because of their sturdy nature they can be removed only by machine.
  1. Wooden fencing: It is also regarded as one of the cost effective fencings and mainly installed outside the exhibitions, trade fairs, and every place like coffee shops, college canteen, etc, which are used for temporary reasons and the main objective is control the crowd of people moving in forcefully. They are attractive in nature and can be removed easily after the purpose is over.

  2. Chain link fencing: While talking about cost effective fencing talking about chain link fencing will be n injustice. Connected with metal or concrete mixture, it is flexible in nature, and can installed on the boundaries of playgrounds. It is easier to galvanize or coated in green or black colored plastic to offer different colors option to the buyers. It would be interesting to know that depending upon your requirement you can also install razor wire on its top.

  3. High security fencing: This type of fencing is mainly installed at the place of high importance like government departments where important documents and other items are kept under strict supervision and control. It is available either in form of high security mesh panel fencing or ‘W’ high security palisade fencing along with razor shaped spikes. The notable feature of this fencing is that it has light voltage electric current flowing across it, due to which as soon as someone tries to touch he feels slight current in his body.  Going through this reason they restricted for public use, but offer peace of mind to the property owners who have got them installed on their properties.

  4. Mesh panel fencing: Available in different color options it is one of the most impressive fencings. Where other types of fencing restricts the view of interior and exterior, this type of fencing facilitates to enjoy clear view of exterior and interior without any restrictions. Because of its durability and low maintenance they are expensive than other fencing options, but highly preferred by the property owners due to onetime investment.

So now depending upon your requirement you get any of these fencings installed on your property.