Advantages to having a zippered mattress cover

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The zippered mattress covers are an advantage that every mattress should benefit from. Read on to know how these improve the protection and performance of your mattresses.

Have your mattresses outlived their life span? Is it saggy, uncomfortable, and interfering with your sleep? Make no mistake – these are tell-tale signs for a much-needed mattress upgrade.  

When on the market for mattresses, you are better off factoring in every detail beforehand – from the product’s nitty-gritty to where it’ll be bought from. But amidst all the excitement, let not a key accessory slip through the cracks. You guessed it right; it’s the mattress cover. 

You have two options to safeguard your mattress. One is the zippered mattress cover and the other, fitted mattress cover. Both protect the mattress but in varying proportions. The zipped ones cover the mattress fully, and fitted ones, partially (only the top and sides). This small dissimilarity makes a big difference to your mattresses’ performance and protection.  

But why should you bother buying zippered covers? Here’re a few compelling reasons.

Better sleep: 

The sleep experience is associated solely with the mattress. The cover encasing it is underrated. It’s time you wake up to the role of mattress covers in helping you sleep better. Depending on the brand and model, zipper covers blend softer fabrics, single-needle stitching, and inventive designs to provide the right comfort for a sound, relaxing night’s sleep. With a cover on, you can put the bunching up of fabrics to the past. No bunching up means no noise and disturbance perpetrated by movements. Plus, the covers stretch to fit, ensuring a straighter sleep surface.

Allergy prevention:  

When allergy is a fact of life, the zippered mattress cover makes perfect sense. Mattresses are known to harbour dust mites, dirt, dander, and other allergens. Upon contact, they trigger an autoimmune response in the body. The symptoms can be skin irritation, sore throat, burning eyes, and various respiratory issues. Plus, the chances of exacerbating asthma symptoms run high for those with this chronic respiratory condition. That’s where zippered covers step in, preventing direct contact between you and allergens, and the possible implications. The cover fabric pores are too small for even the most microscopic of allergens to penetrate through. 

Ward off Bed Bugs: 

Whether it’s a hospital bed mattress or the one in your bedroom, the threat of bed bugs looms large. They not only feed on your blood but also transmit a parasite responsible for the Chagas disease, a deadly condition with a high incidence rate across the US. Once these bugs infest the deep crevices of your mattress, getting rid of them is always a task. Again, zipper covers come to your rescue, preventing bed bugs from colonizing your mattress. Even if you bring home bed bugs from an overnight stay in a bug-infested hotel, just wash the cover and stay protected.  

Easy to care for: 

The hospital bed mattress is vulnerable to staining from tea, coffee, juice, or wine spills. But not when a protective cover is on. While the mattresses are virtually impossible to wash, the covers can be quickly unzipped, washed, dried, and put back. Most covers can be washed with a mild detergent in a regular washing machine in line with the care instructions.