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Protoday247 is a news site targeted at holding the public up-to – date on daily happenings.

We love to assemble an audience from across the globe, to impress them in every possible thing.

Here at Protoday247 we have a variety of subjects from Islam, Athletics, Technology, Games, Green Policy, Economy, Health and Fitness, Nutrition and Beauty Environment Tips, Properties, Employment and Industry and more.

Protoday247 is a collective of 99creativeideas that is a joint community of individuals collaborating on various platforms in digital media.

Take a peek at our Website:

The first community we have is Islam; we ‘re gathering different blogs on Islam here, and all the related news is heading in there. You’ll find valuable everyday usage tools including Qibla Guide, Prayer Scheduling, Islamic Calendar, Zakat Tracker, Quran Kareem, Hadiths, Naats and Islamic names, etc.

The next section is Events; it contains a compilation of all the related national, domestic, or Islamic happenings.

The third category is Sports; which covers all activities, such as cricket, soccer, WWF, hockey, etc. We also go live and hold our visitors updated when matches such as, PSL, T20, ICC ODI, World Cup, are planned.

We’ve also placed a section of Recipes in the fourth side, where we have various food and tips recipes and photos.

The next category is Technology that includes news and information about such technology such as mobile phones, tablets, apps for social networking, etc.

Health and Fitness is another field where information, posts, videos, and blogs on health and fitness are exchanged to offer positive benefits to travelers.

Ahead is a category named Property which includes a variety of Pakistani luxury schemes. Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, & Islamabad, Capital Smart City Islamabad, Blue World City Islamabad, Gulberg Islamabad, Gwadar Golf Area, Modern Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir, etc.

The following sections are Jobs and Business where you can find work ads and career openings.

You’ll enjoy shopping online in the Gift Shop community.

Here, let us inform you that many of the meanings on our page are still being revised, and that the latest work is going on.

Not just this but Protoday247 also gives you the ability to advertise with us and promote your business. We have available on our website a language converter that lets you translate the content into your chosen language and make the most of the details we have provided.Proptoday247 is not unique to this website so you can notice us on other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.