How to Style Party Wear Tops

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When we are shopping for party wear tops, the first thing that comes to our mind is what we will pair it up with-denims, trousers or a skirt? How will we accessorize it? These are pretty basic thoughts that we all have, because unlike dresses- Party wear topsrequire a complete styling procedure from head to toe. So let’s get started on how we can style different party wear tops easily and efficiently. 

Understanding your style

This is the first step to consider when you are shopping for anything! Understanding what you like, what suits you and your body shape is extremely important while selecting a party wear top.Just like any other fashion category, party wear tops come in so many different styles that it can get confusing sometimes. This is why understanding your personal style helps you in getting what you want.

Glamorous Party Wear Tops 

Glamorous tops are the jazzy, blingy tops that will outshine you at any party. They are probably the easiest party wear topscategory to style. Since they are already glamorous the key is to stay minimal on the other aspects. Like always keep the bottom wear minimal and sober. Only accessorize when needed. As for footwear, you can wear matching jazzy high heels or stilettos or switch to basic wedges for comfort.  If it is a complete sequin top then stay minimal on the overall accessorizing. If it’s part sequin then you can pair up some black diamond earrings or even a headband. Experiment on what colors make you look even more glamorous and chic. Black, burgundy, silver, and pink sequins are in top trend. One can never go wrong with these. 

Bright Party Wear Tops 

Hues of mustard, wine, and purple are very rare and underrated. But if you wear them then you will definitely stand out from the crowd as these colors are not readily available. So opting for different and new colors is always a good option. You can always experiment with color blocking when wearing bright and bold tops. Color blocking is one of the fastest-growing trends. All you have to do is mix two colors belonging to the opposite side of the color wheel. For example pink and orange. One can always try Fuschia pink with sun orange color to make that trendsetting statement. So next time you are looking for some new party wear tops keep this on your mind. One more thing if you want to look attractive and sexy and interested to buy sexy dresses online then visit on samshek website.

Printed Party Wear Tops 

Prints can sometimes get tricky. Styling prints are mostly dependant on what body shape you are- Pear body shaped should always focus on wearing bold and large prints on their upper area. So you can opt for big circular prints to balance with your lower body. The same opposite goes for apple body shape. If you are a straight shaped person then go for contrast print to add a fun element to your party wear tops.When wearing a printed top, keep the other aspects very simple. If needed, war matching earrings to complete the look. 

Crop Party Wear Tops 

Crop tops are so much fun to style. Especially f you are wearing them on a vacation. Crop tops are the best vacation styles especially at a beach or a cruise. Crop tops are best styled with shorts and wraparound skirts. A solid bright crop top with a matching printed wraparound skirt will be your go-to vacation outfit. You can style it with a sea-shell necklace to add a beach effect. With the skirt, you can also wear an anklet to complete the overall look. If you are wearing a crop top in general and not particularity at vacation then go for the classic low waist denims and sneakers for a casual look. 

One-Shoulder/Off-Shoulder Party Wear tops 

One of the favorites of all women will have to be off-shoulder tops. They are comfortable, trendy and can make anyone look effortlessly stylish. Bodyfit off-shoulder tops look best tucked in with high waist pants. If it is a regular fit then it can be paired with tapered denims for a semi-casual look. A revealing one-shoulder top can be worn with a leather skirt or pants to glorify your outfit. Instead of accessorizing your upper portion, try styling it with a high waist wide belt and a sling bag to complete your look. 

Fancy Bow Party Wear Tops

Bows are never out of style. In any decade-they are classy and feminine. There is an underlying connection between women and bows. So you must have at least one bow top in your closet. When styling a bow top-keep in mind not to lose your feminine touch. You can always style a bow top with a flared skirt and some strappy sandals for a Cinderella look. These types of party wear tops work best when you’re at a birthday party. They look cute and very appealing. Sequin bow, pink bow or you can even accessorize with a bow headband to balance your party outfit.