no scars neem extract face wash for acne scars

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How to treat acne scars and fade them

Scars can be a regular thing for humans. One can have them if they face a hormonal imbalance in their body. There are different kinds of scars that can happen though. The regular acne scars can be quite common but there are some scars that can happen because of sudden injuries or because of a surgery mark. One has to be extra attentive to those scars because they mostly take time to heal. And if they are not treated properly then they can leave a permanent mark on the body.

One can check the no scars soap benefits before they start using them in order to treat their scars. Apart from them, one can also use some natural ingredients to treat their scars. But one must remember that they are most effective on light and acne scars. They are follows:

 Cocoa Butter

This, when used, can get easily absorbed in the skin and locks the moisture within. This can also help in the re-growth of the tissues and reduce the scar marks. One can apply a very small amount of cocoa butter directly on the affected area. Then they can massage it so that it gets absorbed in the skin properly. One can do that every night before going to bed and keep I overnight. The next morning they can wash it off.


This is a very effective ingredient. It has curcumin which is a very active ingredient that has a lot of skin healing properties. This one also has a lot of anti-inflammatory things. One can mix a tablespoon of turmeric with a bit of lemon juice and make a paste out of it. Then one has to apply it on the scars and keep it for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water. One can apply this twice daily to get effective results. One can also mix a spoon of yogurt with turmeric and some coconut oil to apply it on the scars and then scrub it for a minute before washing it off. This can be done 2 to 3 times a week to get better results.


This is loaded with healing and antibiotic properties. It can treat acne and can also help in clearing the scars. One can apply raw honey directly on the scars and leave them overnight. The next morning, they can easily wash it off with warm water. This has to be done every night before going to bed. One can also crush 2 to 3 aspirin tablets and then mix it with honey and then apply it on the scars. This has to be left on the scars for 15 minutes and then it has to be washed with lukewarm water.

Witch hazel

This is said to be the best thing to treat acne scars with. This has natural astringent and it can help in controlling the inflammation and decrease the redness of the scars. It can also stop the bacteria growth there and so the cells start healing there.

One can also use no scar soaps to treat acne scars.