Motion Graphics 101: A Guide for Beginners

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Motion graphics is not a new term as the majority of people have known it, but are still trying to know what it means. To put it in simple words, motion graphics relate to the animated graphic designs, where a designer or rather an animator tends to bring designs to life. It is the practice of creating designs that promote the illusion of movement. It is a craft of making visual designs and using them to communicate the ideas, concepts, and relevant information with the audience. In simple words, it is the amalgamation of texts and images to communicate the business message to the audience.  

Here is everything you need to understand about motion graphics:

1. Branding and motion graphics

 When it comes to finding the right colors, layout, and design for your brand, motion graphics come into play by animating them to be more real. Motion graphics today are significantly used for branding and marketing a company’s missions and values. It is a form of expression for the digital world, which can help a brand become successful. 

When it comes to branding, creating the right image is important to portray a business’s mission statement to the audience. For example, Google uses a vibrant design using four colors to set a playful tone that sets it apart from the competition. Not just that, they take the branding to another level by having an animated logo design through motion graphics. 

With motion graphics in your branding strategy, a company can easily step up their visual game. They have a better chance to communicate with the audience without directly promoting their products and creativity. 

2. Telling a story 

With the advancements in the digital world, telling a story is one of the strongest marketing games. This is because a product or a service is not just about the quality but what you are providing and its relevance for the customers. When stargazing your marketing plan, it is essential to remember that your selling to people and sentiments are the best way to influence their decisions. The more relevant your story is to them, they likely are they going to purchase your product and services. 

Telling a story is better in vision than in the written form. This is motion graphics come into play. Implementing the right tools and format of motion graphic make your story evens more compelling and visually appealing for your prospective clientele. Take the difference between a still image and a visual portrayal of something. While a still image can evoke emotions, motion graphics can dominate them. 

3. Explaining concepts

It is vital to give the right information to your audience. However, sometimes the information can be complex and leaning towards visuals than verbal seems rather a good option. Motion graphics make the information easy to understand for the viewers. Most companies take advantage of animations to explain the functionality of a specific service and hire a video animation company to do the job. 

Motion graphics is one of the best ways to create an explainer video and help illustrate the creative business ideas in a whole new light. Not only doe animating a story can help in delivering the story, but it is also important to add audio in a video to make sure the audience does not misunderstand the message of the brand. 

4. Raising awareness 

When it comes to the first stages of a company’s life, it is imperative to build brand awareness. For example, explaining the relevance of the product and services with the problems of the clientele. Is it working for a noteworthy cause? Whatever it may be, motion graphics and animations can help a brand to raise their voices. 

Tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro and after effect can help add emotional value and power to the business message. Whether it is a sustainability cause on the macro-level of a local issue in the community, motion graphics is one thing that can help in raising a voice and promote real action.  


As a beginner in motion graphics, it is important to begin with learning the basics such as editing, animations, and special effects. If you have the job well, it becomes easier to craft a video in which you can grab the attention of the audience. 

Motion graphics is a creative form of communication, and if done right, it can take your brand to new heights. Bear in mind that motion graphics are a collaborative process, and an animator can easily deviate from it if done with a plan. To put it in simple words, the objective of motion graphics to help the businesses to display and deliver their brand message in an informative and creative way.

Author Bio: Colors and designs were the first passion that I had. It took me years to become the master of this art. With 4 years of experience in the industry of animation and serving as a senior creative artist at Animation Dok, I am also playing my part in promoting the field through my posts and blogs.