Adorable Kids Summer Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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Summer is my favorite season because I get various types of schemes and themes for outdoor parties. It’s the time when you can enjoy the aquatic scheme parties with family and friends. You can plan outdoor parties without the worry of snowfall or any wind storm. My son’s birthday is coming soon and I have discovered some cool birthday party ideas here. It slows down the temperature and lets you be cool and calm during the party time. I have mentioned the coolest summer birthday party decoration ideas here. You will also come to know about how you can throw the coolest party for your kids. Please choose the right theme according to space and budget.

1. Popsicle Party : 

Warmly welcome the summertime with popsicle party. The Popsicle scheme is colourful and loved by all kids around the world. Popsicle is the favourite summer treat. It’s the best time when you can add some colour and life to the party. Celebrate the summertime with favourite summer treat popsicles decoration. You can arrange a Popsicle station where kids can enjoy different flavoured popsicles. A beautiful dessert table is adorned with Popsicle paper garland. You can use cylinder shaped balloons to create a big Popsicle image and decorate as a wall backdrop. Decorate the dessert table with various flavoured popcorn cones, cupcakes topped with mini popsicles. You can also cut some big Popsicle shapes to make a huge entryway. Guests are warmly welcomed with the fruits frozen in Popsicle mould. With so many colourful ice crème and various other colourful items you are able to pop colour and bring life into a party.

2. Moana Party :

Moana is a lovely addition to Disney films. It is a crowd-pleasing character with oceanic musical background cheers up the kid’s mood. The Moana party is summer’s favorite scheme. You can apply lots of tropical colors and brighten up the party time. The pineapple and coconut flavor cupcakes are served in mini boats. The drinks are served in coconut cups. You can search for the order balloons online supplies so that you can get the matching decoration materials for Moana party decoration. The Moana printed paper plates, cups, tissues complete the Moana look. You can also make a plan of arts and crafts to make a flower crown for kids. At the end of the party, they will be crowned with the flower crown made by themselves.

3. Beach Ball :

The Beach ball theme is my favorite. Every time you have lots of balloons and beach balls to entertain and keep your kids busy during the party time. You can set up the beach ball party outside the home. There you need to create an artificial pool. There you need to decorate the beach ball station with lots of pool balls, lots of beach ball lollipops, beach ball garlands. Decorate the cupcakes and cake in the beach ball scheme. Set up umbrellas and big balls set up in big buckets. All fancy treats and eats are personalized with a beach ball scheme. You can use beach umbrellas and beach balls to serve as a thank you gift at the end party. Surprise your little one and dear one choosing the right birthday gift online from here.

4. Tutti-frutti and Paper Flower :

Tutti-frutti’s theme is the best scheme to add so much color to the party. kids love colors and also colors bring life to space. You are free to choose various colors to deck up space. I choose to decorate the food table with big tissue balls garland. You can use multicolor sprinkles to decorate the cupcakes and garnish desserts. Also, add some favorite colors to milkshakes and drinks with a colorful straw. A tutti-frutti paper plate bowls help to give the extra special look to your party.

5. Lemonade Party :

All you need to decorate the party with a lemonade scheme. Lemonade is summer’s favorite drink. It hydrates the throat and also helps in providing a cooling sensation to the whole body. From the entryway to dinner table to the cake table dressed up with a lemonade scheme. Use Lemonade cardboard mylar balloons, lemonade cardboard stock, online birthday balloons, lemonade party cutouts to give a perfect look to your party. Serve the lemonade flavored cupcakes garnished with a lemon slice. Prepare lemonade drinks in bulk so that kids can enjoy lemonade drinks to rehydrate the throat.

6. Arrange Carnival :

Let the kids enjoy the carnival at their favorite local spot. You can set up a carnival party in your backyard using lots of carnival-themed things. Set up a cardboard stage adorned with lots of carnival stickers and colorful pom poms. Dress up the table with a carnival-themed table. Serve colorful drinks in colorful glasses. Set up one stage to play carnival games and enjoy the musical carnival. You can also suggest kids to come in carnival scheme attires. From ring toss to magic tricks to ping pong tosses you are able to entertain your kids with various carnival games.

7. Pool Party :

At the Pool party, you need to decorate the splash party with the oceanic things. The whole backyard is decorated with seashells, beach chairs, sea sand, umbrellas, beach balls, aquatic balloons and lemonade drink station to hydrate the body. You can create an artificial beach using lightweight rubber tubes. Kids can enjoy the beach or pool party with your creative decoration. You can also arrange some aquatic games using beach balls and some aquatic toys. You have to mention some important things on the invitation card. They have to come up with a swimming costume and towel.

I have tried my best to give you the best summer favorite birthday party ideas. You can search for summertime birthday supplies from an online gift shop. You will get unlimited options on how to plan and organize and decorate the pool, beach or splash party. I am ready to choose a pool party what’s your favorite, please share it in the comment box.